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Reverse Psychology

A marriage counselor uses reverse psychology to help fix a couple’s turbulent relationship.

Remember the old saying, “be careful what you wish for”?  That’s exactly what happens to our feuding young couple as they go head-to-head over their differences with their shrink, Doc.

Writer Michael J. Kospiah deftly presents us with an irreverent and hilarious psychiatric interaction that, when you truly sit back and look at it, is one we all know represents what the shrink is really thinking.     

When Scott and Diane find themselves with no other avoid-the-divorce option than to talk to a psychiatrist, let’s just say that Doc has a very peculiar way of getting couples to reconcile with one another. During the intense blame and shame going on between the couple, where expletives and sexual insults fly back and forth non-stop, the calm exterior of Doc has finally had enough. Warning: this scene may not appeal to all readers.

That’s a homophobic slur.
I’m not gay, but that’s definitely homophobic...

Doc smacks down on his desk as they continue bickering:

For Christ’s sake, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Silence. Scott and Diane stare at Doc stunned.

Holy shit, you people are fucking miserable!

(to Scott)
Did he just say, “fuck”?

(under his breath)
A little unprofessional...

When the bitter couple waffle back and forth on whether to get divorced or not, two things happen to help the decision-making process along: One is very loud and the other is quite, well… mushy.  But just when you think it’s all over, we get a very unexpected twist.  Let me just say that the Doc “cleans up well” once he’s done being Mr. Psychiatrist.

Reverse Psychology” is a laugh-out-loud, dark, and comedic look at how we all can take one another for granted and not see past our own peccadillos to come to a mutual understanding.  If you have ever been in a relationship for a length of time, this hilarious short will ring true for you and… it might even have you looking in the mirror asking yourself a few questions about yourself.  With a limited cast of four, one location and snappy dialogue, this story will make you think twice before you ever decide to go into any type of relationship counseling.


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Reverse Psychology

A marriage counselor uses reverse psychology to help fix a couples turbulent relationship.

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