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Road Trip - You never know where it'll take you....

Road Trip
Everyone enjoys a good road trip...

For those of you who have ever wondered if there is life beyond Earth, if there are super intelligent beings swarming the planet incognito or if what is out there may only have the IQ of styrofoam, Warren Duncan’s Road Trip will bring a chuckle.

As the script opens, Tom has taken a ride with a stranger and all he wants is to find out what he’s gotten himself into. But, the driver refuses to divulge any clues.

In the passenger seat sits TOM, 30’s, completely average in every way. A large smile stretched across his face.

I love road trips. So... where we going?

No reply from the driver who sits off-screen.

You gotta give me something.


Oh come on! A hint, a tip, a government secret?

Tom fidgets in his seat, clearly agitated. His once friendly demeanor changes.

Will Tom get the answers he’s looking for? Or does the stranger’s lack of communication skills mean... something far more ominous?

Just one page long, Road Trip may require a few special effects. But it takes the Sci-Fi genre to a comedic level in less than a minute - an amazing feat at the speed of light!

The Script

Road Trip

Everybody loves a good road trip.

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