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Prepare yourself. This story will make you cry tears of joy. 

Writer Drew Hubbard uses only two pages to setup and deliver a truly heart-warming and gut-wrenching story that answers an afterlife question we all hope is true and will leave you reaching for the tissue box. 

As we open in a hospital room, two elderly, gay men spend what will soon be their last moment together reminiscing about times gone by, smiling at photos of their fifty-four years together. As Aden comes across one particular photo of them near a wood cabin on a sandy beach some 30 years ago, the dying Joe reaches out, squints at the photo then quietly let’s go of his life. 

When he opens his eyes, he finds he is now back inside that same cozy, wood cabin, with a gentle Angel is only guest. The Angel consults a small, glass square, swipes his finger across it and… 

The three of us came here. Ended up being our final... Best time ever.
Is this... I guess Heaven? Akhirah? 

Almost. Joe Stuart-Kahn. Born 1945.
Married to Adnan. It says you met in 1967. All correct? 

Joe takes a moment to remember. Surprised, he nods. 

Any unfinished business? 

Joe straight away looks at them, shakes his head. 

In that case... Oh. Ohhhhhhh! 

The Angel jumps up, stares at the glass square in disbelief. 

What? Am I in the wrong place? 

This is rare. He’s been waiting for you, Joe. Ever so excited. 

Who? It’s not my ex, is it? 

What is that unfinished business? Let’s just say that Joe is once again going to be reunited with his best friend and companion… this time forever. 

“Soon” is an emotionally impactful read, and even at only 2 pages, it plays much longer in your mind and likely on screen. With two locations, a cast of 3 plus one special guest, this poignant story will resonate with almost all viewers of all ages. 

The Script


After an old gay man dies, he's reunited in heaven with his dog he lost decades ago.

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Clark is a produced and optioned screenwriter with a focus on Sci-Fi, Dark Dramedy, and True Stories.  Clark has successfully collaborated with Producers and other screenwriters on several projects.  Most of his projects are grounded in themes of "the haves and the have-nots", classicism, and coming-of-age characters.  Clark is open to writing assignments for features, shorts, and pilots.

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I have always loved writing and telling stories. I started as an actor and went on to run my own small, Children's Theatre company, writing and touring Maths based plays to schools and small venues. It was here I realised my passion was in telling the stories, not performing them. I get excited by great stories. I watch a lot of different kinds of programmes and adore getting caught up in the storylines and characters. It doesn't matter if it's a story about Superheroes, Super Sleuths, or...Read more