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Stay Six Feet Apart - But Can You?

Two sweethearts reveal the darker side of dating in a post-virus world.

When a stroll in the park turns to love at first sight, young sweethearts, Aaron and Paige, find themselves navigating the road to romance in a socially distanced world.  But with the rules of old turned taboo, the new normal takes its toll and desire proves a force of nature too great to resist.

At a little over a page in length, Rob Herzog’s Stay Six Feet Apart delivers a snack-sized script with a timely subject wrapped up with a wince inducing twist of horror.  Two characters, one location and dialogue-free, Stay Six Feet Apart would make a great short script for a filmmaker/make-up artist combo looking for post-lockdown inspiration.

The Script

Stay Six Feet Apart

A socially distanced flirtation takes a hideous turn.

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Started writing scripts around eight years ago after realising his social life was vastly overrated. Enjoys writing in a variety of genres but leans toward raw, grittier characters and the worlds they inhabit - from the deadly serious to the darkly comic. Drinks coffee, owns an unhealthy amount of plaid and uses a calculator for the most basic of sums.Read more

About The Writer

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My chief talent isn’t writing, it’s being afraid. As a kid, I freaked out about spontaneous human combustion, killer bees, and the prospect of a bathtub shark attack. And the 3,600 miles between me and the Loch Ness Monster wasn’t nearly enough. All of this youthful anxiety runs wild in my screenplays. Blame the neighborhood weirdo kid for setting me on this path. When I was six, he predicted that our neighborhood would be attacked by window ghouls. These ghouls supposedly would claw into...Read more