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The Beginning... Is Never the End

The Beginning
A husband mourning his wife at the cemetery gets consoled by the last person he expected.

It's the universal question about life after death: "Is there something more?"

In David González's two-page sentimental short, The Beginning, grieving widower James stands on a green slope in the cemetery, facing his wife's grave. A picture of his beloved Margaret leans against a vase of burgundy roses. 

A Young Woman in Black -- with raven's wing hair and wearing big sunglasses -- appears at a neighboring grave, and she's sobbing. She places an item on the grave and lights a couple candles. 

As James watches her, his mind drifts back in time to a conversation with Margaret:

You know, there has to be more. 

Her mind is somewhere else.

All the pain, all the tears, all the
sacrifices, have to lead somewhere.

James listens, in silence.

What if there’s something... after?

With this last word, Margaret snaps out of it.

I know. It sounds silly...

James squeezes her hand.

No, it doesn’t.

When the Young Woman in Black walks away, James suddenly notices the surprising item that she's left behind...

What's the connection between James and the Young Woman in Black? Can she help ease James's pain of losing Margaret?

The Beginning is a tender story about life after death with someone you love. Is it fanciful? Give The Beginning a read, and decide for yourself if there is something more.

The Script

The Beginning

A husband mourning his wife at the cemetery gets consoled by the last person he expected.

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