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The Bleeding Room

The Bleeding Room
A grieving man finds comfort in the demonic presence occupying a room in his house.

What wouldn't a man do for his child?

Bradley’s a grieving father whose life is in shambles after the loss of his wife and child. Whatever happened has driven him into a new home… one with a history.

Feeling compassion, new neighbor Nancy visits with a housewarming gift and offers to help him any way she can.

Nancy looks him over. Poor man. She leans forward.

It's hard. I know.
One of my sisters...lost her child.
Six months pregnant. It was--

She stirs her drink, considers her words, holding back sadness.

I cried with her over the phone every night.
Every night. For weeks.
Even when it happens to someone else, you feel it.
You see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice.
And the hurt, it stays with you, forever. 
You're not the same person you were before.
The grief never quite ends.

Bradley looks away, drinks.

Bradley. I know we've only just met,
but I just wanted to tell you, I'm here.
If you need anything, truly, anything,
either from me or my husband,
do not hesitate. Okay?

Bradley smiles, nods, finishes his drink.

He stares blankly at her for a moment, debating something in his mind. Finally, he decides.

Does Nancy understand the bargain she’s made? What’s in that titular room? And what price is Bradley willing to pay to bring a certain precious thing back into his life?

A clever horror with a limited cast and locations, The Bleeding Room by Bob Stevens has a unique monster that’s sure to make film fest judges smile!


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The Bleeding Room

A grieving man finds comfort in the demonic presence occupying a room in his house.

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