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The Companion Shop - You Never Need to Be Alone

The Companion Shop
A real deal carries a heavy price when an elderly woman seeks true companionship.

Robots are here. They can clean your house, drive your car, and make your coffee in the morning. They can even become your new best friend – that is, depending on one’s tastes…

In John Hunter’s latest hit The Companion Shop, Mildred – an old woman – seeks to find a robot that will serve as … well… a companion. A store located in the middle of the classy commercial area offers just that – and maybe more.

Mildred wanders into the shop, clutching a coupon that promises a huge discount on the Companion of her choice. Satisfaction guaranteed. Salesman Anthony seems eager to show her the merchandise, especially after a Harry Gentleman model catches Mildred’s eye.

The Harry model proves more expensive than Mildred expected – still, she bonds with it instantly. Determined to clinch the sale, Anthony assures her she can always bring Harry back for a full refund if it doesn’t work out, no questions asked. How you can put a price on companionship? Mildred mulls that over. How indeed?

But once at home with Harry, Mildred’s life takes an unexpected turn…

Are you a director that loved Lars and the Real Girl? Then give The Companion Shop a whirl; it’s another great story about the desire for true companionship – in any shape or form!

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