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The Light at the End of the Tunnel - What Lies Beyond?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
When three high school teens pay a late-night visit to a haunted street tunnel to prove an urban legend true, they get way more than they bargained for

Everyone’s heard of Bloody Mary. And I’m sure many of us as curious children with wild imaginations have played the game before – you stand in front of a mirror with the lights off and say Bloody Mary three times and something super creepy is supposed to happen once you turn the lights back on. It’s supposed to conjure up some sort of evil, vengeful spirit that may or may not do us some form of bodily harm. Why do kids do this? Because it’s fun! And because nothing bad is likely to happen. BUT… there’s always the possibility of the unknown, which makes it fun in the first place…

When playing Bloody Mary, we go in expecting one of two results – the unlikely possibility of a ghost appearing or nothing at all. At least that’s what the characters in Sean Elwood’s urban folklore creeper, The Light at the End of the Tunnel, thought. Unfortunately for them, something else happens entirely… something that nobody, not even the audience, could’ve expected.

Every small town in America has their own little urban legend based on some kind of local tragedy. The tragedy in this story was a car accident that happened 23 years ago inside of a street tunnel at exactly 11:42 pm. Every year, on the date, at exactly 11:42, if you flash your headlights three times into the tunnel, you see the ghost car flash it’s headlights back at you from the other side.

Young couple, Bethany and Victor, along with their third wheel, Taz, decide to test the validity of the local legend themselves on the anniversary of the tragic accident. Of course, there’s always that one doubter – in this case, Bethany. Bored out of her mind, she listens to the kind of aimless, stream-of-consciousness type banter you’d expect to hear from a couple stoners, their conversation covering several random topics, including the possibility of intelligent life outside of Earth – there doesn’t seem to be any sign of intelligent life inside of Victor’s car, at least from Bethany’s point of view.

Bethany thinks it’s stupid and a complete waste of time. And, in most cases, she’d be absolutely correct. But, as I mentioned earlier, there’s ALWAYS that very, very slim possibility of the unknown that sits in the back of our minds…

As the clock finally hits 11:42, Bethany watches with bated breath as her boyfriend, Victor, flashes his headlights into the tunnel three times. After a few tense moments, nothing happens. But, just as Bethany is about to make Victor and Taz feel stupid…

Lights flash at the other side of the tunnel! Eager to find out what happens next, Victor stupidly shifts his car into drive and speeds towards the “ghost car”, engaging in a very dangerous game of chicken. Did he not consider the fact that it may actually be a real car?

Fearing the worst and unable to get her boyfriend to stop the vehicle, Bethany braces herself for a violent head-on collision. But as the two opposing “cars” get closer to colliding, Bethany notices something very funny about the quickly approaching lights…

I’ll stop there as to not spoil the fun. But there is one thing I will say about the ending – you won’t see it coming. Author Sean Elwood toys with familiar urban legend conventions and COMPLETELY pulls the rug out from under us. Fun, creepy and surprisingly layered, The Light at the End of the Tunnel keeps us guessing right up until FADE OUT.

The Script

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

When three teens attempt to prove a ghost story true at a haunted tunnel, they get more than they bargained for when something far more horrifying greets them on the other side.

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