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The Monster in the Well - Don't Look Down!!

The Monster in the Well
There’s a monster in the well. Don’t believe me? Take a peek…

On the surface, the story’s main character, Doug, might seem normal to friends, neighbors and people close to him, such as his wife. But, as we see him in his car parked outside of a children’s playground, we learn that he is far from normal. In fact, he’s hiding a very, very dark secret. One second, he’s checking in with his wife after a day at the office. Next second, he’s preying on small children.

On this day, his next target is Cherry, an innocent six-year-old girl. An expert at this point at luring in little kids, Doug makes easy work of Cherry in a very unsettling scene – I hadn’t squirmed this much since that “child catcher” scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Doug brings innocent little Cherry to a well, where he says a monster lives at the bottom of.

No one knows exactly how he got
down there, but word is if you
get too close… He’ll pull you in.
He sure is ugly. Blood red eyes.
Dark green skin. Teeth as long as
your adorable fingers… and they’re
really sharp.

Though many children are often drawn to campfire tales and spooky stories (Bloody Mary for instance), this frightens Cherry. At this point, all she wants to do is go home. Doug promises her that if she looks down the well just once, he’ll take her home. And, unfortunately for Cherry, like so many other children, she takes the bait and is thrown inside of the well.

Now, as the story progresses, it explores some very, very dark territory and might not be for everyone – it will FOR SURE make you very uncomfortable at parts. But Doug’s visually stunning comeuppance (SPOILER ALERT) might take the edge off.

Dark, edgy and controversial with some really creative horror visuals, THE MONSTER IN THE WELL will make you squirm and shudder long after FADE OUT. Especially if you have children of your own.

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The Monster In The Well

There's a monster in the well. Don't believe me? Take a peek...

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