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The Seed

The Seed
In the near future, we find out that society has yielded just a bit more and
government will become our next best thing to man’s best friend.

Can you buy love, or must it be earned? Several anxious applicants are about to undergo a test.

Art D'Alessandro’s science fiction short The Seed opens in 2026 – not all that long from now. 

Its setting is far from futuristic, too: a non-descript waiting room, where several couples await their turn. For what? We’re unsure.

But their anxiety is relatable. They are, too. As each duo is introduced, we get to know more about who they are: their personal stories, hopes and dreams. And why they’re convinced they’re fit to be the ones to receive…

…The Seed.

Couple #1: Charles and Margaret Pierce – over forty, married, and very set in their ways. Margaret confides she’s the one who keeps Charles in line. After all these years, she reads him like a book.

Couple #2: Chantel and Max Springer - a young interracial couple. Chantel’s a terrific cook. Her Tuscan Chicken soup’s to die for. Max: a ponytailed hipster not at all comfortable in his “interview” tie and suit. 

Couple #3: Reggie and Henry Hamber. As the husbands reminisce about the latest birthday gift Reggie received (a gadget which makes onion rings), it becomes clear these two are a loving pair. Financially comfortable, too!

Though distinct and diverse, these couples share one common experience: as each interview unfolds, they each hopefully open up the most minute details of their lives to…. 

An unassuming little bureaucrat named “Mr. Pyxis”. What traits is this Evaluator looking for? Love? Personality? Something else? What combination of “special traits” is – in his and the government’s eyes - worthy of the ultimate reward?

And what exactly IS The Seed? 

In Latin, Pyxis means “little box,” often a vessel which holds items of great or nostalgic value.  What will grow from the vessel Pyxis “guards”? You’ll have to read the script to find out!

“The thing always happens that you really believe in, and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright

The Script

The Seed

In the near future we find out that society has yielded just a bit more and government will become our next best thing to man's best friend.

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