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The Worst of Times

The Worst of Times 
But I never really said, “Let them eat cake.” Everything that’s happening is not my fault.
Too Late. The people have spoken. The revolution is here

Black. White. Or gray. All of us believe we’re good natured with the best of intentions; and yet the ripple effect of a comment … a glance … a broken promise to one person … a family … a company … a nation can be devastating and have lasting effects for decades, if not centuries. 

Daniel Broderick’s short The Worst of Times introduces us to the “Queen of Mean”: thirty-something Mary and her fifty-something barrister. Awaiting their inevitable demise, Mary plays the damsel in distress trope to the hilt denying she ‘did anything wrong’… by not paying taxes. 

So, remind you of anyone? 


In the background, the drop of the guillotine with cheers of justice play-as-muzak while Mary fans herself like a Flamenco dancer … was Mary mistakenly assigned the wrong prison cell with no air conditioning while she awaits the inevitable ? 

Reveling in the frivolous folly of conspicuous consumption, Mary declares again she has no regrets. Her lawyer implores her to understand; it’s her acrid attitude and lack of remorse while in the same breath wanting fleurs to liven up the joint that’s placed them in the no-turning-back situation now. 

So, what was Mary’s capitol crime you ask? Read Broderick’s delightful twist and find out. 

The Worst of Times is one of those delicious satiric shorts which pulls inspired bits from historical accounts whilst giving us food for thought for our own lives today … or is it cake? 

“Kings who become prisoners are not far from death.”
– Antonia Fraser, Marie Antoinette, The Journey 

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The Worst of Times

But I never really said, "Let them eat cake." Everything that's happening is not my fault. Too late. The people have spoken. The revolution is here.

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