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The Wreckage - Can Our Man Emerge from It Alive?

The Wreckage
A man grabs the chance to flee custody. 
But, being arrested is beginning to look pretty sweet in comparison to what awaits him.

It’s not often that being in a car wreck represents a stroke of luck.  But, that’s the case for the protagonist of Omid Abrams latest piece, The Wreckage. 

Detained and in handcuffs in the back of a car, Our Man wakes up to find he is the only one in the car still breathing.   His captors dead, Our Man laughs, but the pain from his multiple—graphically presented—injuries makes him gag.

Navigating his freedom from his captivity is no easy task. Handcuffed to a dead man who has been impaled by a large tree limb makes maneuvering slightly difficult.  Our Man goes for his companion’s gun to blast himself free.  He musters up his courage and…click.  The cylinder is empty. 

Now Our Man must figure out how to free the dead man from the limb, drag himself and this dead weight to the other body belonging to the driver lying outside the car, and hope that he too has a pistol on him somewhere and try again.  The agony of his every movement is painstakingly splashed across the screen.

Our Man PULLS Bald Man out of the car.

Now both men are on the floor. Our Man crawls over to Driver’s dead body, taking Bald Man with him.

Once he reaches Driver, he goes into his left pocket. A cell phone. He reaches over to Driver’s right pocket and pulls out a pistol.

Finally rid of the handcuffs, Our Man once again lets out a laugh.  But the sound of footsteps cuts his celebration short. 

He drags himself into the bushes and watches as a hunter approaches the dead bodies.   What he sees is horrifying, and Our Man quickly realizes that he’s still very much not out of the woods.

If you love great survival stories, powerfully descriptive visuals that relate better than any dialogue could ever achieve, and tales with twists, The Wreckage is the smashup for you. 

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