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Thirteen Steps to the Attic - Start Counting... NOW.

Thirteen Steps to the Attic
Two girls knock on an attic door that should never be opened.

Any time an attic plays a pivotal role in a story, you just know things aren’t going to go great for that story’s characters – especially when that story is in the horror genre. And double-especially when that horror story is written by Rob Herzog, who’s latest spooky, atmospheric tale, “Thirteen Steps to the Attic”, follows two young girls who decide to knock on an attic door to either debunk or confirm a very scary urban legend.

As part of an initiation, 12-year-old Emily must complete a task in order to cement herself as part of the cool crowd at school. Patricia, one of the cool girls and presumably the leader of the clique, accompanies her as a witness. They sneak into an old house and approach an attic where supposedly a lady died a horrible death. Her spirit remains in that attic, waiting for the right kid to coming knocking.

The task? To knock on the attic door, ask if you can come in and then count to ten – the scariest urban legends always seem to have a countdown (Bloody Mary being one of them).

Of course, Emily seems a bit reluctant to perform the task. But Patricia’s right there with her to peer pressure the crap out of her.

I don’t wanna do this.

(fires back)
Then you’ll fail your initiation.
That means you can’t sit with us at lunch.
We won’t talk to you. We won’t text.
Bye-bye Instagram.

Kids can be cruel, can’t they?

Like most 12-year-olds, Emily really wants to fit in at school. So, she gives in to the peer pressure and knocks on that old attic door, asking the malevolent spirit if she can come in. After a few silent moments, Patricia beings the countdown.

One…Two… Three…Four…
Four and a half…

Ugh, I hate Patricia!

I wouldn’t dare spoil the fun by giving away anything else. But I will say that there is a very satisfying, albeit very unsettling, twist.

Writer, Rob Herzog, is a master at creating these creepy, messed up horror shorts with viral potential. And “Thirteen Steps to the Attic” is no exception. I dare any filmmaker looking for a spooky, low-budget horror script to pick this one up. With its spooky atmosphere and vulnerable characters, it’s sure to scare up some views.

The Script

Thirteen Steps to the Attic

To join the cool girls at her school, Emily must knock on an attic door and ask to be let in by whatever entity resides there.

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