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Tipsy - Think you're off balance NOW?

A bartender pours for his life.

Prepared for a fun and quirky little thriller short?  Then belly up to the counter, pour yourself a drink and sit right down!

In J. Phillip Wilkins’ Tipsy, we open on a dive bar in Chicago’s east side. Inside those dark and dingy walls, one Bartender is about to have a day he'll never forget. (No matter how many shots he downs.)

Enter a Man on a mission - to buy a drink. At least, that’s what it looks like at first.

Almost instantly annoying, the Man pesters the Bartender with bizarre banter. All too used to the lunatics of Chicago, the Bartender at first puts up (albeit in a sarcastic way) with his new customer’s odd requests.

I've made up my mind. 
I'll have a drink that fits my name.

Will that be a douche on the rocks, or straight up?

What? Oh... oooooohhhhhh, I get it. Yes, very funny.
But what I meant was, I would like the drink that fits my name.
You see, my name is the same as a certain refreshing cocktail.

The bartender looks at a point just over the man's shoulder.

Listen buddy, I just want to do my job and get
the hell out of here with as little aggravation as possible.

I understand, but if you don't at least attempt a guess,
I will have to set off my bomb.

Woah! Asking for a drink is commonplace. But a bomb?!? With those words, the Bartender’s already aggravating day takes an alarming turn for the worse.

The man opens his jacket to reveal a vest of dynamite sticks, all linked by yellow and green wires. He pulls his left hand out of his pocket and shows the bartender a detonator, his thumb poised over a red button.

Just a little pressure and... BOOM!

The bartender looks like he has just wet his pants.

Now, if you could just guess the name of my drink, I can be on my way.

Shit, mister. I don't know... uh, Harvey Wallbanger?

Nope. Wrong again. Maybe this was the wrong customer to mouth off at? Now the clock – and bomb – is ticking. Ever more urgently pressured by the Man to guess his name, the poor Bartender throws out every drink title he can think of; grasping at figurative straws (not the swizzle stick kind!)

Only four pages long. One location. Tipsy is a terrifically easy short to shoot. Will this story end with a bang? You’ll have to read it to find out.




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A bartender pours for his life.

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