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Ugly Profile - Innocence is in the Eye of the Beholder...

After a spate of terrorist attacks, four commuters are forced to confront their
darkest impulses when a ‘suspicious looking’ stranger boards their train carriage

In an age of terror and paranoia, even the most routine task can become burdened with the weight of fear and suspicion.  With the grim toll of recent terror attacks fresh in their minds, four friends find their journey distracted by the arrival of a nervous young passenger who just happens to fit the profile.

With just five minutes before the rush-hour crowd boards, the four must choose between passing judgement on a total stranger based on the ugliest of prejudice and assumption, or suffer the possible consequences of inaction:

He takes a deep breath.

But if this kid is a threat we have less than
five minutes ’til we reach our stop.

Your stop.

Yeah, sorry. Forgot you go one more.
We know ’our stop’ is when the crowd boards.

His target?

Could very well be. Should be packed.
Maybe over a hundred. Will do a lot of damage.

Oh come on guys. His target?
Will do a lot of damage?
Already convicted the kid have we?

Harry ignores Lakeisha’s protest.

We can all step off to be on the safe side,
but then, how would we feel if...

Harry looks over at Faisal, hate in his eyes.

While I disagree with this scenario I for one am not a coward.
I will not leave this train. This is pathetic!

I’m no coward either but there’s only one way to be safe...
Take him down.

What if you’re wrong?

But what if they’re right?

What if this young man with the backpack is about to commit an atrocity?

What if he’s simply another passenger just like them…

…Or what if our fears could be used against us in ways we never imagined?

Martin Cox’s Ugly Profile is a short script with a broad appeal; blending the tragedy of our age with everyday experience to deliver a contained drama that’s packed with tension and enough twists to keep you guessing.  This is a fantastic script for the filmmaker looking to take their craft to the next level.  10 pages, five characters, some extras, and a contained location.

The Script

Ugly Profile.

Terrorists' bombings have caused abject fear in the local community. Four commuting friends meet up on their regular train and are convinced that a bomber is on board. But can they stop the carnage?

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