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Undying Love Triangle - Somethings *Never* Change....

Undying Love Triangle
A vampire love triangle gone bad.  Things are about to get real bloody.

It’s a pretty common story.  A married man cheats on his spouse with another woman.  The woman wants the man to leave his wife.  The man promises to do so.  But, the man doesn’t leave his wife. His lover waits.  

Weeks, months or years pass by and man still doesn’t leave his wife.  Finally, the woman ends the relationship.  Or, waits some more.   

Or…decides to kill the wife.

If the three are all vampires, that murder option seems pretty likely.  And, Darren Seeley’s Undying Love Triangle shows just how complicated infidelity can become when all of the characters are out for blood.

When Teresa gets to the point of having had enough of being the other woman, she decides it’s time to eliminate Austin’s wife, Beth.  Trying to appease her, Austin suggest to Teresa that they should just tell Beth.  At least then, the two lovers would not have to sneak around any longer.  

When the two lovers arrive at Austin’s home, Beth has just returned from her job at the hospital.  Her job is tedious, but has its perks--tonight she’s been able to sneak out an icebox full of type AB.   

The overhead florescent light flickers.

Work, dumb bastard.

The white glow from above stabilizes.

An empty juice container, a piece of masking tape, over the label. On the tape: a marker scribble:

AB -

Beth turns on the sink faucet, plugs the drain. She unscrews the lid on the container. Slips on a pair of dish-washing gloves.

A pair of scissors cuts a small corner of a blood bag.

Beth greets her husband when he enters the kitchen behind her, but quickly realizes that he is not alone.

What ensues is a delightfully messy end to the vampires’ –and the audience’s—understandings about loving relationships.

If you’re ready for a novel take on marital commitment, seek vicarious thrills by watching others’ struggles with trust issues, or just like bloody endings, you won’t want to miss Undying Love Triangle. 

The Script

Undying Love Triangle

When two vampires have an affair, a murder plot unfolds. But the over-the-hill wife isn't that easy to kill.

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