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Zentangles - Oh, What a (Zen) Tangled Web We Weave!

An obsessive young woman gets absorbed in her artwork.

Betty’s got a new hobby: Zentangles.  Cynical husband Mark doesn’t quite see the point of it all...

She smiles, shows Mark her drawing of shapes, overlapping lines and patterns. 

When drawing these freeform
patterns, I experience a feeling of
timelessness, freedom, wellbeing…

Mark remains unconvinced.  Until she points out the hard times they endured following his failed dalliances with scriptwriting and online poker.  

Mark concedes to her point.  After all, what’s a little stationary between husband and wife? 

He looks over her shoulder at her drawing. She shrugs her shoulder to warn him off.

Back off. You’re harshing my mellow.

Mark turns to leave, turns his head.

OK. I guess you could have taken up daytime drinking.

And maybe she should have, for the zentangle is no ordinary pattern.  

A mysterious energy is at work here to which Betty’s zen doodles are about to prove anything but a fun, relaxing past-time.

...Someone’s mellow is in for a serious harsh.

Two people, one room, a lot of zentangles, and a little FX (or creative camerawork for an alternative) is all you need to bring John Hunter’s horror short Zentangles to life.  This short horror script delivers a quirky, dialogue friendly set-up with a darkly comic pay-off that threatens to unnerve the most ardent of zentanglers.

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Started writing scripts around five years ago after realising his social life was vastly overrated. Enjoys writing in a variety of genres but leans toward raw, grittier characters and the worlds they inhabit - from the deadly serious to the darkly comic. Drinks coffee, owns an unhealthy amount of plaid and uses a calculator for the most basic of sums.Read more

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A curious nature has led me down many paths: former Peace Corps volunteer, big ticket sales engineer, commercial graphic artist, packaging design consultant, recovering golfer and more recently, an award winning and produced scriptwriter.

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