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Success Stories

People are getting something out of Script Revolution all the time, be it making connections, starting collaborations, or signing deals. Here is a collection of success stories that have been shared by members. If you have a success story you'd like published here and in the Script Revolution newsletter, then you can contact me by clicking here - CJ

Andrea Nettleton 02 Mar 2023

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Andrea Nettleton who's optioned her script Don't Tell Mommy I'm Dead after it was discovered on Script Revolution. The short horror-drama about a ghost who pretends to be alive to spare his mother the pain of losing her child has been picked up by director Lukas Hanulak.

Rick Hansberry 01 Feb 2023

Congratulations to Rick Hansberry who has seen his script Monster School produced by the Teen Storytellers Project. Rick says, "After writing this short about the universal butterflies we've all experienced on the first day of school, I felt for sure it would have to be an animated piece, but these kids restored my faith in the power of ingenuity and creativity and demonstrated why film is the ultimate collaborative medium. Great job!". The completed live action film can be watched here;



Frank Romano 03 Jan 2023

Congratulations to Frank Romano who's seen his short film Rematch produced after it was discovered on Script Revolution. The comedy-drama about a stubborn man who denies his wayward brother's attempt to reconnect, escalating their couples date into a drunken ping pong match that's about more than it seems also has a brilliant trailer which you can watch here.

Gary Rowlands 06 Dec 2022

Congratulations to Gary Rowlands who's sold his contained Sci-Fi thriller Countdown to Lonestar Films after is was discovered on Script Revolution. The feature about a devoted couple turn on each other when a stranger claiming to be from the future demands they hand over their only child to save mankind was reviewed by J.E. Clarke and discovered by Faisal Hashmi.

Liam Cairns 14 Nov 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Liam Cairns who's optioned his script Davey. The short horror-comedy about a pair of self-obsessed millennials who break down on a desert road where they encounter Davey, a hulking leviathan of a man with the appearance of an inbred killer a la the Hills Have Eyes was discovered by Brian Wallace who's associated with the film group Fancy Movies. Scheduled to shoot in December this year, the script did draw the attention of and start talks with Terminator 2: Judgment Day star Edward Furlong who ultimately passed on the project. Once completed, Davey will join...

Fausto Lucignani 04 Oct 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Fausto Lucignani who's seen his short drama Almost Real go into production. The script about Andrea, a forty-something, low-budget film actress, who re-experiences a dramatic, painful episode in her life while rehearsing a new script was picked up by Sarah Grgic.

Toby Owen 03 Oct 2022

Congratulations to Toby Owen who has seen his script The Pig and Pirate produced. About two years ago, Shane received an email from Script Revolution member Lior Troianovski who was reaching out to inquire about whether he'd give him the opportunity to turn his script into a short film. They collaborated on adapting the script to fit a US setting (it was originally set in England), and in August, the finished film was released! Here is a link to the IMDB page.

Brandi Self 15 Sep 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Brandi Self who's optioned her script Day Care after it was found on Script Revolution by Ana Tolem. Ana plans to turn this short mystery-romance about a cantankerous toddler who learns about love, death, and loss when he visits day care for the first time into an animated film.

Andrew Marshall 15 Sep 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Andrew Marshall who's optioned his script Mason. The drama-thriller TV-Pilot about a kind-hearted but mentally unstable boy who transfers to a tough inner city school where a devoted school counselor must bring out the best in him before he reaches his breaking point is currently being pitched to various producers after it was discovered on Script Revolution by Lukas Hanulak.

Teresa Barber 12 Sep 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Teresa Barber who's sold her co-written script with Michael D McElwain Love Beneath the Stars to Silver Peak Productions. This feature about a photographer who heads west to follow her heart but finds fate intervenes when she meets a cowboy with whom she can jointly overcome their fears and discover love under the stars was found on Script Revolution.

Jason K. Allen 30 Aug 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen who's optioned his script Daggers to L.A.-based producer and editor Rachel Pedroza of Puzzle Media. Rachel will be producing via the Green Team Initiative; an educational program meant to teach, expose, and mentor individuals with disabilities on how to produce content across all departments. She's worked on several recent feature films, including Cherry, Dog, and The Gray Man, as well as the TV series Lovecraft Country. Filming is scheduled for early September.

P.H. Cook 12 Jul 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member P.H. Cook who's script No Recollection has been filmed in Nigeria under the title Moipolai. The short was found on Script Revolution by Tricia L Sello and is currently doing the festival circuit in Africa.

Tina Balli 05 Jul 2022

Congratulations to Tina Balli whose short, Saviour (finished film under the title Patronus), is being shown at 5 Lakes Film Festival in Germany, from July to August in German with English subs. Tina thanks Script Revolution and says that, while Covid ruined a few dreams, one finally came through

Jacob Mynatt 05 Jul 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jacob Mynatt who's short script Sunny Side Up has been selected for funding in the New Zealand Film Commission Catalyst He Kauahi fund and is starting production. He Kauahi supports New Zealand filmmakers to progress their talents to the next stage and make exceptional, high end narrative short films that will ignite the flame and be the catalyst for change in their career.

P.H. Cook 23 May 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member P.H. Cook who's seen their script Buried Secret produced by Highway Hill Productions based in Vancouver. The short crime-mystery about a young couple who follow a trail of buried clues to the fateful conclusion of a long-ago child disappearance will be releasing soon.

Jason K. Allen 16 May 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen who's optioned his short Float, Swim, Dream to London-based filmmaker Pedro Oliveira. Pedro worked as a 3D animator on the films Matrix: Resurrections and No Time to Die, the TV series His Dark Materials, and video games such as Candy Crush. He's is now looking to make his own films and he says this short about a lonely goldfish who dreams of escaping his fish bowl so that he can fight zombies, halt global warming and meet Justin Bieber was just what he was looking for as an aspiring animation director and producer.

Zack Zupke 11 May 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Zack Zupke whose script Confession Day has been produced and is now being submitted to festivals after being discovered on Script Revolution. Be sure to check out the excellent trailer, official website, and instagram feed for this mystery thriller set in a 1950s mining community within the valley of the Black Mountains in Wales. 

Rick Hansberry 09 May 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Rick Hansberry who has optioned his script 10. The short comedy-drama about one man's "to do" list becoming an epic struggle against time has been picked up by Dez Stevens who hopes to get it into production soon.

Jason K. Allen 04 May 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen who's optioned The Seashell, #$@&%*!, and Straight Talk with Suzie and Santa. His comic-fantasy short The Seashell has been picked up by L.A.-based producer John-Michael Scanlon who impressed Jason not only with his work as a video producer but also his varied background in both motion-graphics and web design along with an energy and creativity that I will bode well for this project His comedy short #$@&%*! has been picked up by Nick Bucci, a freelance videographer and drone operator in Maine who owns Bucci Productions, which specializes in...

Matt Hubsher 03 May 2022

Congratulations to Matt Hubsher who's optioned his script Signal to Minded Factory. The feature length sci-fi thriller about an interstellar research vessel that arrives at Proxima Centauri and discovers a seemingly impossible mystery was found on Script Revolution by director/producer, David Barrera and now has a release date set. 

Richa Lakhera 26 Apr 2022

Congratulations to Richa Lakhera who's optioned her revenge-thriller novel Hungry Gods to Bollywood Producer Sanjay Gupta (Whitefeather Films) who has made blockbuster hindi films like Zinda, Kaante, Musaafir, Aatish, and Shootout at Lokhandwla.

J.B. Storey 25 Apr 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member J.B. Storey who's optioned his script Cry Havoc. The short action-crime-thriller about a police sergeant who interviews a mysterious, grieving father about the vicious slaying of gang members under investigation for the murder of his daughter has been picked up by a director based in Seattle and is already deep into production. 

Mark Underwood 14 Apr 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Mike Underwood who's sold his script At The End Of The Road. The short horror mystery about a tormented driver who is close to suicide after a hit and run when his past, present, and future selves turn up to offer him a second chance has been picked up by Mumbai-based film maker Shalin Sharma.

Nicholas Philippa 05 Apr 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Nicholas Philippa who's script Opal was recently optioned by director Tobias Nathan. A feature length crime thriller about a struggling miner and her brother who must escape their isolated outback mine and evade cut-throat thieves after finding a million-dollar opal, the script scored an 8 (in the top 3.5%) on the Blacklist and is a semi finalist of the Gold Coast Film Festival 2022.

Nicholas is currently not repped, he’s enjoying working with Tobias, who is a writer-director repped by CAA and Josh Dove of Circle of Confusion. Nicholas wrote Opal after...

Connor McAulay 30 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Connor McAulay who's optioned his script Fandemic. The horror-thriller feature about an actress on a secluded getaway who's tormented by hallucinations and must uncover the source of her visions or fall victim to a deadly new breed of reality entertainment has been picked up by Mumbai based director-producer Jyoti Kapur Das.