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Success Stories

People are getting something out of Script Revolution all the time, be it making connections, starting collaborations, or signing deals. Here is a collection of success stories that have been shared by members. If you have a success story you'd like published here and in the Script Revolution newsletter, then you can contact me by clicking here - CJ

Starting the year strong, J.E. Clarke has optioned two of her short scripts "Conditioning" and "Zombie Disability" via Script Revolution. As some of you will know, J.E Clarke runs Shootin' The Shorts which has helped countless other writers find a home for their scripts so it's great to see her get her own wins. A huge congratulations to her.

A couple of months ago, I announced that rockstar member Matthew Mosely had optioned his horror feature script "The Caller" to director/producer Samson Alli after it was found via Script Revolution. I'm now delighted to announce that the script has been purchased for a five figure sum. Huge congratulations to Matthew and Samson. We all look forward to seeing how the project develops and supporting it as we can.

After being spotted on Script Revolution and highlighted by Shootin' The Shorts, Jeremy Storey's brilliant short script An Angel Whispers has been produced by Benco Productions in North Carolina. As fate would have it, the chap who directed and produced turned out to be a Brit just like Jeremy! You can find out more about this project at

Continually going from strength to strength, Jason K Allen has optioned yet another short script. This time it's his screenplay "The Seashell" which has been optioned by Melbourne based director Ron Kahlon and his producing partner Kean Szczur. The short comic fable was found via Script Revolution after getting fourteen favourites from readers and plans are to shoot in the next few months.

Shoutout to Rachel Brewer for her second script option via Script Revolution on her short "Fracture" after uploading it less than one month ago. Filmaker/producer Ibrahim Aldridge snapped it up after reading through her portfolio. Rachel is on a bit of a roll lately having also recently optioned her script "Smile" to Lost in the Woods Productions.

A short story about losing a loved one, Brandi Self's script "Strayed" has now been filmed and released after being spotted on Script Revolution by producer Linda Hewell. Well done to Brandi who has a great profile well worth checking out.

A big well done to long time member John Staats who's optioned his female centric short script based on DC Comic characters 'Super Scoop' to Robert Bruce of Road's End Films based in Portland, OR after it was discovered on Script Revolution.

Well done to Rachel Brewer for her first ever script option thanks to her short "Lily's New Friend" being spotted by producer/director Tyna Ezenma on Script Revolution. Rachel is a first class example of a screenwriter using the features Script Revolution offers to best present herself and her work.

Huge congratulations to Matthew Mosely for optioning his horror feature script "The Caller" to director/producer Samson Alli, an industry member who's been worked with Script Revolution members before.

A man of many Script Revolution success stories, Jason K Allen has optioned another short script. This time it's his screenplay "Wood" which has been optioned by Australia-based filmmaker, Matthew Lumbers

Not one but two success stories for Ville as his recently acquired short script "Spin The Bottle" has now been filmed and available on YouTube while another one of this short scripts "Alter" has been picked up by a filmmaker with the intent to use it as part of an anthology horror movie. Well done!

Rockstar Member Jerry Robbins has sold his horror feature screenplay to Penumbra Entertainment after it was found via Script Revolution. Jerry's been maximizing all the features available to him to make sure his script listings do his writing justice and it's clearly paid off. A huge congratulations to him.

Big congratulations to Richard Buzzell who has sold his feature script "Robot Love", a story about a man who becomes emotionally involved with an artificially intelligent companion, to Los Angeles based producer Jeff Hertzberg.

Scott Nelson's short script was found on Script Revolution and shot in Camden over two days recently with a cast of crew of 34 at one point during the shoot. The film is currently in editing and set for release sometime in July.

Long time member and Rockstar Patreon Supporter, John recently saw his short script produced in the UK. It looks fabulous and should be out of post-production in July.

Yes, it's that cheeky face again. James Baron continues to kill it having optioned another short via Script Revolution, this time to Daniel Domaschenz after "Gramma Nazi Killer" was featured on Shootin' the Shorts.

After being motivated to continue thanks to Script Revolution, Tina has recently signed deals with production company 2HOTFILMS for both one of her short scripts and a TV Series trailer she adapted from one of her novels.

Elizabeth is one of Script Revolution's earliest members so it's wonderful to see her script make it to the screen. Watch the trailer here. She's also recently been contacted recently about making one of her short scripts.

After reporting a lot of interest on this script via Script Revolution, Craig has signed a deal with a production company based in New York. This was the second deal Craig was offered on this script after being discovered via the site.

Huge congratulations to Anthony Cawood,  Chris Courtney Martin, and Jerry Robbins for optioning scripts that were found on Script Revolution and shoutout to Meg Turner who's portfolio impressed a producer so much they've now been hired (for the first time ever) to write a new feature script.

After reaching the top of the Most Loved Scripts listing on Script Revolution with a massive 37 fans having favourited it and having been featured in the Shootin' The Shorts section of the site, I'm delighted to announce that The Narrator by James Barron has been picked up and produced by Julia Trofimova - CJ

Big congratulations to Wal Freeman for attracting the attention of an actor via Script Revolution and who's now writing them a contained horror short.

Well done to Chris Keaton who recently optioned his short script A Boy's Fear to up-and-coming LA based director Samson Ali.

Big congratulations to Jason for optioning his feature script Welcome to Munson Ridge to London based director/producer and Hollywood Black Film Festival winner Dean Charles after it was discovered on Script Revolution.

I mentioned at the end of September that Steve Miles had optioned his script Forever Red via Script Revolution and the filmmakers were crowdfunding some of the budget. I'm pleased to say they've since reached their 80% goal and, while they still need that last 20%, will be able to shoot on 16mm film rather than digital.