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Andrew Marshall Sees "Potential Spam" Produced

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Andrew Marshall whose script "Potential Spam" has been produced and directed by Emmanuel Simms. The short comedy about a man who receives a spam phone call and decides to let them have it can be watched here on Vimeo. Andrew has a portfolio of ultra low budget features with Coverfly all-time overall percentile badges for the top 35% or better that are well worth checking out.

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I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology in 2008 and went on to receive a M. Ed. in counseling from Ottawa University. I have been an educator in a high needs schools for the past decade, and I use that as inspiration for much of my writing.

I have several produced short films from around the world and my television show, Astro Alyssa, is currently in production. I have placed in several reputable writing competitions in various formats. You can find some...Read more