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Fausto Lucignani Sees "On the Sidewalk" Go Into Production

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Fausto Lucignani whose script "On the Sidewalk" has been found on Script Revolution and now gone into production. This short script about a homeless man and a beggared woman who struggle to forget the past and open their hearts to love, is being made into reality by filmmaker Stacy Langenkamp. Fausto is in fact on a bit of a run lately with two scripts going into produced and one optioned only last month.

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I was born in Rome, Italy and came to the USA at 25. After settling in New Jersey, I received a cum laude International Marketing degree from Montclair State University. A few years ago, I developed a strong interest in screenwriting and story telling. This year one of my stories has been a finalist in the Hollywood Reporter's international contest "Defining Moments." In addition, I have written numerous short and feature scripts. My writing style is concentrated on stories reflecting real...Read more