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Kelly Parks Options "Vampiric"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Kelly Parks who's optioned his script "Vampiric" after it was found via a well credited producer browsing Script Revolution. Funding is already being successfully raised for this horror feature about a young couple who must survive the night when they become the sexual obsession of a sadistic vampire.

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I'm America's only ex-CIA rocket scientist stand-up comic writer/director. By which I mean I'm a former aerospace engineer, a former professional stand-up comic, and a current computer programmer/filmmaker. My short sci-fi/horror film "Universal Dead" (starring Doug Jones, THE SHAPE OF WATER, HELL BOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH) won the grand prize at the LA WebFest. Other short films  include "The Crusader" (comedy), "Work Related" (dark comedy), "The Complaint" (sci-fi/comedy), and "Demon Protocol...Read more