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Paul Knauer Options "Lines"

Congratulations to Paul Knauer who's optioned his script "Lines" to Celeste Hoang. A short thriller about a mother and daughter, struggling to get by, who find themselves eluding gangsters when their deadbeat, drug-addicted husband/father can’t pay the gangsters the money they’re owed, it was found on Script Revolution after being reviewed by Michael J Kospiah as part of Shootin' the Shorts. Production is scheduled for later this year with Celeste set to produce and direct.

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I’m an optioned screenwriter working out of the Kansas City area. My main focus is thrillers and slightly absurdist comedy with heart. But, I believe becoming a better writer requires pushing personal boundaries, so you’ll notice a thorough mix of genres in my portfolio. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, I’ve lived in multiple small towns around Missouri, and now Kansas. My projects often center on life in the Midwest -- highlighting the heart of the hard-working Midwest soul. My first...Read more