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Richard Adrian Options "Murderhorn" and Gains Assignment

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Richard Adrian who has optioned "Murderhorn" to a filmmaker in Belgium. The same horror feature script about a troubled boy struggling to cope with his mother’s terminal illness who must learn to control a bloodthirsty manifestation of his anger before it kills everyone he loves also gained the interest of producers in Ontario, leading to a writing assignment for a feature. Both films are planned to into production next year.

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I worked in Los Angeles as an award-winning Sound Designer on movies such as The Matrix sequels and 8-Mile and supervised the sound for several Action and Horror movies. I currently work on video games in Canada while I pursue my passion for writing horror and comedy.

I won Best Adapted Screenplay at the Burbank Film Festival Screenwriting Competition with a co-writer for an action-comedy script, and have placed in the Austin Film Festival, Page Awards, Shore, and Screencraft. I've...Read more