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Stephen Ford 19 Oct 2021 2

Stephen Ford is fast becoming know in these parts for his brutally honest articles on the reality of trying to turn a love of writing into a viable screenwriting career. I'm pleased to say, he's back with another, this time covering the topic of that melancholy we can feel for our passion after an extended time chasing the dream. It's tough and it's far from the romantic ideal many paint it as. I'm sure many of us can empathise with the insight Stephen shares and take a little comfort in the ethos he proposes - CJ

Stephen Ford 10 Sep 2021 2

Breaking in is tough, real tough, but once you do get that first assignment or spec sale and the drafting starts, it's a whole new struggle, especially internally as you now need to perform under pressure, pressure that's partly self-imposed. Stephen Ford, founding member of the Screenwriters Ireland Facebook Group, perfectly encapsulates the mind-state many of us fall into in this admirably honest and authentic blog post detailing his own brutal experience - CJ