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Strategic Storytelling - 7 Step Framework In Action


Jeremy Storey recently wowed us all with the production of his short film "An Angel Whispers". He's a great Script Revolution success story and has really nailed his craft over the years he's been breaking in. If Jeremy wants to talk about his writing process, I'm listening. That's really easy to do now since he's taken the time to kindly record a video talking about how he approaches writing and gets the most from his stories. Check it out. It might just be the best thirty minutes you invest into your development - CJ

Like most ‘hopeful’ writers, I write stories and continuously seek out ways to develop and hone my craft. Also, like most would-be writers, my craft is a side-hustle. I still must pay the bills so-to-speak, by holding down a regular ‘nine to five’.

My ability to sit down and put words on a page is typically limited to the small pockets of free time life permits. Indeed, I’ve been writing on-and-off for nearly twenty years. Which I’m sure most can relate, that after a while, we continue to write as it offers a creative release and an intellectual catharsis. However, all those hours spent learning about the art and structure of storytelling are not just exclusively utilized for narrative tales.

Subconsciously (and consciously) we often apply what we have absorbed into our ‘day’ jobs. For me, this has consistently shown up in how I approach the more strategic elements of my profession. Specifically, the skill of ‘strategic storytelling’. So, I pulled together a video that maps what I have learnt about writing and how that can be actively applied to how we share ideas in the workplace.

I have intentionally used this step-by-step framework many times at work, when I’ve had to capture the imagination and attention of an audience. While it may not be 100% applicable to every presentation, it can be easily amended to meet the precise needs of the moment. Please take a moment to check it out and see if it works for you. Thanks!

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Jeremy Storey, originally hails from the United Kingdom, but now resides in Seattle, WA. He first discovered the joys of writing at school, penning short stories and collaborating on comic books with his friends. Coming from a writerly family, it was in his DNA to tell stories. However, it wasn’t until he graduated University, that he started to dabble in film and stage.


Since then, he’s written feature length screenplays (The Immaculate Secret, Rewind, Pink Slip Party, An...Read more