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Story & Logistics
Dark Matter by B. R. Smith
A failed experiment leaves an emotionally wounded soldier with the power to turn people's fears into horrifying reality.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 105pp
Tattoo by Bill Runyan
Sometimes tattoos can go horribly wrong.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 90pp
The Origin of Fear by Mark Renshaw
A university student working on a thesis stumbles across a technique for identifying dangerous individuals. Her experiments takes a lethal twist when it becomes apparent her work is gaining the wrong type of attention.
Short Horror For sale 12pp
The Arresting Truth by Richard Gustason
After a man they arrested dies in their custody, two accused detectives investigate to clear their name before someone makes matters worse.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 92pp
New Age Enema by J. Phillip Wilkins
There are stars in her eyes...
Short Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 2pp
Snackism by Kyle Art
An angry cheeto rants to his popcorn followers about the threat of tortilla chips.
Short Comedy For sale 1pp
Impala Cholas by CJ Walley
Presented with a seemingly innocent young girl looking to buy a gun from her, a ruthless gang leader has to choose between easy money and tough love.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
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Friendly Competition by Richard Silcox
A professional assassin talks his super-spy partner into taking cover jobs as used-car salesmen in order to impress a girl, just in time for a monthly sales contest.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 88pp
The Immortal Jack the Ripper by Phillip Hardy
A rich young physician accidentally enters a pact with a voodoo God, who demands payment in blood in exchange for immortality, which transforms the doctor from unwilling participant to unrepentant monster.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 135pp
S.W.O.L.E. by Quinton Marquiss
When Ex-NFL player Knox finds his savings gone, he decides to start a business. But his dream of opening a bar falls short and he's forced to go opposite and start a gym.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 44pp
That Girl, Peugeot by Natalie Ekberg
A disturbed teenage girl plans to commit suicide, but not until she makes sure her widowed mother is settled in a happy relationship.
Short Drama, Romance Available for Free 11pp
Potty Mouth by Kimberly Britt
On the brink of receiving a prestigious humanitarian award, a freak accident renders a meek Catholic school teacher incapable of speaking without cursing.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 102pp
McNASA by Paul Williams
A group of NASA-obsessed geeks run a space start-up from an abandoned McDonald's, but faced with losing their business, set up a Kickstarter to become the world's first amateur astronauts.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 115pp
Channel Third by jonathan murnane
The staff of a small-town newsroom in the mid-90s as they struggle to produce a broadcast they can be proud of in an attempt to claw their way out of last place in the ratings.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 58pp
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Deaf Men See by Blake Ofstedal
Follows a night in the life of a deaf hitman, as he carries out assignments for a small-town mob.
Short Crime For sale 7pp
One Way Tickets by John Hunter
Discount heroes attempt to free a man held for ransom in the Dominican Republic.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 76pp
A Mother's Burden by Chris Keaton
A police officer responding to a noise complaint discovers the disturbing fate of a woman dealing with a demon.
Short Horror Available for Free 6pp
The Final Days by Jason K. Allen
An old man finds a disturbing videotape which shows a remote wooded area and a secret meeting of mythical creatures -- a meeting which predicts the grim future of mankind.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 8pp
328 Chase Street by Deano Jones
The Thomas family move into their new house unaware of its haunted history and soon discover the home is already occupied by an evil entity.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
DeadCentre by Tony Goldsmith
Two 00 agents are dead and one driven mad. To avenge them, and save the world, James Bond must train to withstand the evil artistry of the world's greatest torturer and her army of fanatics.
Feature Action For sale 154pp
Rat's Bait Shop, Bar & Grill by Della Vance Greenawalt
Rat's Bait Shop, Bar and Grill is a Drama about two ex-marines and an Apache Bar owner who must stop a shootout between two teenagers before anyone is killed.
Short Action, Drama Available for Free 8pp
Overture by Gabriel Gambetta
After an EMP nuclear snowfall wipes out a city, a slacker recruits his friends to join the army in a battle against a species of alien invaders.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi For sale 106pp
Close To Sunset by Steven Clark
After the death of his mother, a middle-aged man learns the horrifying truth about the childhood disappearance of his brother.
Short Thriller Available for Free 15pp
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Casting Call by John Etterlee.
Brad moves to LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor; instead he meets the girl of his dreams.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 102pp
The Cult Of Plug by Darren Seeley
In order to counteract a former cult leader's domination with subliminal warfare, A renegade scientist and his two assistants become addicted to their own experiments in electric shock therapy and cyberspace.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 94pp