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Pit Stop by Fiona Faith Ross
A flying saucer carrying a school football team home, makes an unscheduled pit stop on Planet Earth, but their landing spot is not what they think it is.
Short Animation Available for Free 4pp
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Rapacity by Andrew Liebig
A woman takes a police escort into Mexico to see her critically injured mother, finding herself caught in a volatile web between two vicious cartels, an unhinged army veteran and a bloodthirsty creature.
Feature Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 114pp
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Hopscotch - Short by J.E. Clarke
A little inner-city girl learns that some games are best not played...
Short Horror Available for Free 8pp
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Sandfly Trap by Tequoia Urbina
In the marsh where Hoodoo is life, a woman gets possessed by an ancestral spirit and her estranged teenaged daughter must save her before she is used to enact murderous revenge.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Family, Horror For sale 15pp
Santa Soldier by David Hooker
A special unit created to protect Christmas must unravel a terrorist plot to kidnap children from the local Santa parade.
Short Action, Comedy, Family, Mystery For sale 27pp
Jail Break by Jordan Taylor
Used-horse salesman Roy is blackmailed into using his family's infamous jail-breaking 'expertise' to free his steam-car business rival Clarke, before a gang of Texas Rangers chase them down for the reward!
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Western For sale 104pp
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Fighting For Few More Days by Kevin Gerke
In Life there is much to fight for Kevin is fighting for few more days confused by why he cares if he dies sooner or later maybe Kevin has one more task to be done
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 47pp
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The Last Daughter by Michael Good
Marcus holds the key to curing the zombie outbreak. He must endure the hordes of the undead and protect the cure at all cost or lose humanity.
Short Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 17pp
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Graduation Day by Matthew Portman
Two newly graduated high school students attempt to exact lasting revenge on their least favorite librarian and avoid the penultimate punishment: summer detention.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp
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Know One by B. S. Carter
Two next door neighbors try to figure out why their spouses are suddenly exhibiting multiple personalities.
Web Series Pilot Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 12pp
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Touch and Go (based on true events) by James Shearer
A love story, set amid the untold true tale of an intelligence gathering mission that used a British Airways flight as a Trojan Horse on the eve of the first Gulf War.
TV Pilot Action For sale 60pp
1 reader loves this script
Issues by Nicholas P
A street hustler and a foreign girl become friends but their newfound friendship comes with trust issues and secrets.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama For sale 86pp
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Freed by Ian J. Courter
Released from nearly a lifetime in prison, Lucius Johnson finds his past still imprisons him.
Short Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 9pp
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Guns of Powder River by Jerry Robbins
A U.S. Marshal and his cohorts survive Indians and outlaws as they lead a party of women and children on a dangerous journey to California.
Feature Western For sale 105pp
Focus Group Flunkies by Tom Modern
It's the late 1990's. Tom and his cohorts are surviving in NYC by participating in focus groups. The groups get scarce, jealousies erupt and allegiances are forged and severed as it approaches a crescendo.
Feature Comedy For sale 111pp
First Date: Palm Springs or Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by Jason Cooper
Two spoiled Beverly Hills rich kids get stuck up a mountain overnight. (Based on a True Story)
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 110pp
Accident of Destiny by Rick Garrison
"Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing ours wishes... and by granting them." Will's obsession with a beautiful seductress threatens his happiness with the ideal woman.
Feature Romance, Thriller For sale 117pp
Promised by Kevin Gerke
Mail order virgin bride from India was sold for 5 million dollars to unknown buyer in the USA She escorted by two men than handed over to employee of the unknown buyer at the airport
Short Adventure For sale 21pp
LOOK by Kevin Gerke
This story/movie explores the world through the eyes of a lonely man just hoping a beautiful woman would LOOK at him in a passionate way
Short Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 19pp
A Grey Hat In The North by J. Phillip Wilkins
A North Korean intelligence analyst finds his loyalty tested when he has to save an American woman from the consequences of his work.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 116pp
4 readers love this script
Lost Summer by Terry Dray
A relentless private detective searches for a missing teenager, lurching from one deadly encounter to the next, he must survive his deadliest adversary yet.
Feature Crime For sale 100pp
Reparenting by rusty sarhan
After having haunting visions of his future child, a ride-share driver attempts to repair the deep damage his southern roots have engraved.
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
SideTracked by Kevin Gerke
Allen has many qualities abilities problem is Allen always starts out intent on being a great Student or Athlete but he always gets sidetracked can the new girl at school get him focused
Short Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 15pp
Hellth: #2 - You By Purus by Nadia Carmon
An e-commerce giant exploits increasing suicide rates during quarantine with a one-time euthanasia subscription box delivered right to your front door.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 15pp
Divine Wind by D.C. Copeland
A short little ditty about the untold story of the last desperate days of the Confederacy and its connection with the Kamikaze.
Short Comedy For sale 4pp