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It Don't Matter Now by Kevin Gerke
Mitch had a good job and great family until one day gang attacked his SUV to hijack it killing his wife and two daughters in the process Mitch now only seeking revenge
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 41pp
Professor Hoyt's Remarkable Elixir by Mike Murphy
A professor has invented an elixir that he says can bring the dead back to life, no matter whether they or those who killed them want it.
Short Horror, Mystery For sale 48pp
Dogs of War by Kenneth Quinnell
A Chinese-American dog trainer must escape a remote island after a pack of killer dogs breaks free and seeks revenge on the humans who experimented on and abused them.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 90pp
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Heaven in the Hills by J.E. Clarke
After a school shooting, a young girl's parents drag her to their new summer home. Soon, little Jenny starts to play an invisible friend: bringing new meaning to the phrase "Rest AND Peace"....
Short Horror Available for Free 12pp
Bushido by Tom Kalaj
Two siblings, after putting on a mystical samurai-armor heirloom, are transported through time to Feudal Japan where they must stop a power-hungry Shogun in order to return home.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure For sale 54pp
Rough Stock by Seppe Van Beneden
Two bull riding brothers try to hang on to their lifestyle in a dying cow town. When a drug gang converges on the ranch, they rely on good old frontier justice to protect their land.
TV Pilot Action, Western For sale 52pp
The Seed by Art D'Alessandro
In the near future we find out that society has yielded just a bit more and government will become our next best thing to man's best friend.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 9pp
Fraudmeisters - Enough is Never Enough by Steven Faulkner
Roped into a bond trading racket, a trader soon realises that he is in mortal danger. Caught between deeply suspicious regulators and the violent syndicate, he must get out before he is imprisoned or killed.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 128pp
Equilibrium by J.E. Clarke
Audited by the Temporal Bureau, a billionaire discovers that meritocracy is a BAD concept... for him.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 14pp
Vengeance by Tom Kalaj
A psychiatrist, with an ability to manipulate patients with hypnotism, uses her skills to bring down a crime syndicate after they murder her father.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 50pp
Badland Wives by Pidge Jobst
In a venomous town chockfull of hideaway outlaws, there's someone murdering gunslingers, and it's up to five real wives of notorious outlaws to find the culprit and killer before they lose their famous husbands.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 59pp
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Nine is a Good Number Too by Jay Shirtz
In a motel in the middle of nowhere, an FBI Agent has to share a room with his prisoner; a convicted child-killer. As the two scheme together, trying to do some good, vengeance approaches.
Short Comedy, Crime, Thriller For sale 24pp
A Buchanan Mystery - Lost Summer by Terry Dray
A relentless private detective searches for a missing teenager, lurching from one deadly encounter to the next, he must survive his deadliest adversary yet.
TV Pilot Crime For sale 98pp
Vacancy by Mike Murphy
A teenage front desk trainee wants to know why the manager of the Fairlawn Hotel refuses to ever rent Room 1123.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 28pp
Black Heart, Blue Eyes by J.E. Clarke
A Texas Oil Barron involved in Fracking learns that actions have consequences - terrifying ones, in fact!
Short Horror Available for Free 10pp
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The Sacred Heart by Elisabeth Dubois
Ever carved your initials on a tree?
Short Drama, Romance For sale 5pp
Threesome by Vinson Perkins
A married couple looking to spice things up, face having their lives changed forever by a beautiful stranger.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
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Heir-Time by Moses Ssebandeke
A sitcom about a mixed-race guy in his late 20s from inner-city London who finds out he is the next in line to be the king of England.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 26pp
Conspiracy of Ravens by Teresa Barber
When a mother and daughter find themselves drawn to a small town to escape a dangerous situation, the child’s bond with a Norse god awakens her inner fate.
Feature Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 82pp
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FRAME-UP by Eric Christopherson
A homicide detective investigates a white cop's murder, her lead suspect, a black journalist who claims to have framed himself for the murder to expose the racist elements of the U.S. death penalty system.
TV Pilot Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 52pp
Stage 32 - Consider
Massacre by Clayton Emery
Chesapeake Bay, 800 years ago... An outcast shaman, a lovesick girl, and a weary war-chief reluctantly team up to solve a murder and save their tribe from invasion. Based on NYT bestselling series.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 150pp
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Yes, Indeed! by Jim Boston
Tired of being out of showbiz, two child TV stars of the 1970s ride the late-1980s swing revival by forming their own big band in hopes of playing a respected Los Angeles jazz club.
Feature Comedy, Music For sale 119pp
Color Blind by J.E. Clarke
A jury contemplate a racially charged criminal case. But not all is as it seems to be.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 30pp
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One Bad Day by Kevin Gerke
Chad was having a great life until one bad day starting with getting his carjacked on the way to the office than upon getting a uber ride home from Drag Queen
Short Comedy For sale 16pp
Walden Nine by A.G. Kohring
In a dystopic future, a homeless, self-righteous man befriends a homeless, streetwise woman who entices him to join her in a bid to reclaim their lost privileges.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 17pp
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