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Story & Logistics
Fair Trade by J.E. Clarke
A terminally ill man inadvertently discovers a portal to a parallel world - and possible redemption for his family.
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Shark Fin by Shawn Davis
An elderly fisherman teaches his grandson that sometimes in order to gain, you must lose something.
Short Free (subject to permission) 10pp
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Roberts Robots by David Wagner
When human-like robots used as slaves realize they are stronger and smarter than their human masters, the robots revolt against mankind.
Feature For sale 104pp
The Economy Sucks by J.E. Clarke
To provide for his family, a cash strapped businessman makes a desperate deal. Wall Street isn't the only blood sucker out there.
Short Free (subject to permission) 5pp
Therapist of the Year by Gregory Mandarano
A marriage counselor's quest for the coveted therapist of the year award gets jeopardized when the world's worst couple blackmails her over her husband's affair.
Feature For sale 116pp
Life: A Comedy - Pilot by Garrett Mallory Scott
One house. Three rules. Free rent. What could be better for an assortment of incredibly diverse young adults? Better to ask: what could be worse?
TV Pilot For sale 40pp
The Owl That Roared by Daniel Kemp
A giant owl who thinks he’s a lion that escapes from London Zoo and terrorises London’s bird community.
Feature For sale 112pp
The Nuptials by Fausto Lucignani
As the day of their wedding draws near, a young man and his forty-something fiancée are faced with a heartbreaking decision -- get married with each other or with their lovers?
Feature Free (subject to permission) 111pp
Love Story by Curt Pennington
A shy teenage boy works up the nerve to talk to the girl of his dreams.
Short Free (subject to permission) 3pp
Partners In Crime by Rodney Bradley
Busted for smuggling drugs to bankroll their flight home, two spring breakers escape jail time by becoming snitches for a DEA agent, in order to take down a Mexican drug lord.
Feature For sale 106pp
Under the Influence by Anthony Hudson
Waking with a hangover, a man must try to remember the previous night to help understand his current situation.
Short Free (subject to permission) 6pp
Black Cherry 2 by David Troop
A sassy female cop protects the streets of Harlem from a lethal pimp in a parody of 1970's Blaxploitation films.
Short For sale 6pp
The Midnight Walk by Elizabeth H. Vu
After hitting a pothole and getting a flat tire, an alcoholic with a dark past wanders into a nearby forest where he meets a lost boy looking for his mother.
Short For sale 7pp
1 reader loves this script
My Friend Lupel by Shane Grant
Hi, my name is Lupel and I’m your friend for life. I can learn to play any game you like, I can answer any question you can think of, and I can even clean your room. But most importantly I will always watch over you, because nothing can separate us...
Feature For sale 105pp
Happy Town by Matthew Corry
When two best friends are magically transported into an old stop-motion animation kids TV show they inadvertently kill the main character and set off a chain of events that threaten to destroy reality.
Feature For sale 102pp
I Trusted You by Deen Gill
An ant invades a picnic, and a man invades the ant's life.
Short Free (subject to permission) 2pp
The Brooklyn Kid by Gregory Mandarano
A rock and roll drummer born with supernatural good luck struggles to release his first album as he's blocked by crooked producers, dangerous criminals, and the obligations of his Italian family.
Feature For sale 116pp
Token by Rick Hansberry
One stop on a train changes everything.
Short For sale 1pp
Mind Games by Domingo Claudio
On the verge of losing his job, an NFL football coach finds an ally and a successful new strategy from a socially awkward teenage prodigy.
TV Pilot For sale 69pp
The Model by Craig Thomas
When a young woman is abducted by a psychotic photographer, she must find a way to escape before he becomes his next "art project".
Short Free (subject to permission) 7pp
Bad Things, Good People by Richard Russell
An alcoholic man meets the alcoholic woman of his dreams.
Short For sale 7pp
In-between by Nolan Bryand
After dying from a heart attack, the spirit of Wilfred negotiates his next life.
Short Free (subject to permission) 11pp
Automatic Drive by Mark Renshaw
On a corporate controlled automated highway of the future, one family is about to find out the real price of progress
Short For sale 6pp
Evolution's Eve by Gregory Mandarano
When a sick little girl becomes the final component in a mad scientist's plan, her parents must race against the clock to save her, before the world, and all humanity, is destroyed.
Feature For sale 125pp
2 Watch by Stephen Ko
Time travelling filmmaker teams up with his future self to make a documentary about the invention of time travel, but his future self seems more interested in examining the mistakes he's made in the past.
Feature For sale 109pp