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Star Wars Genesis by Ryan A. Herring
The long distant past of the Jedi collides with the future, setting into motion events that could unbalance the universe and destroy the Order of the Jedi forever.
Web Series Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
Spandex & Fake Tan by Chris Welch
To save a beloved community building a stuck in a rut wrestling fan will try to organise the event of a lifetime.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Sport For sale 105pp
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Matibo by Frankie Gaddo
A somber aged notorious outlaw helps a timid town face a clan of ruthless bandits while its benevolent reverend helps him find his humanity.
Feature Drama, Western For sale 107pp
Swimming to Hawaii by Jason Cooper
When a homeless alcoholic vet takes the place of a notorious hit man the bodies still mount up.
Feature Action For sale 106pp
Dead Space by Luis Filipe Araujo
A group of people try to survive inside an isolated spaceship.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 132pp
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Fine Dining by Rachel Soland
A maid suspects that someone may be plotting to poison her employer.
Short Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery For sale 3pp
'R' is for Reform by Raegan Abrams
The second episode in the mocumentary series, following the students through the fall dance.
Episode Comedy For sale 31pp
Sins Of The Father by Lee Field
A young man returns home with his fiance to help his father's political campaign only to discover he is not the man he thought he was.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 115pp
Dazzleland by Amy Amani
The ghost of a murdered girl 'lives' in an abandoned amusement park w/an eclectic group of other spirits. She must stop her killer destroying the park, evidence of her murder & her home.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 60pp
The Blind Witness by Behnam Gilani
A psychic blind boy and his reluctant guardian must expose a serial killer’s identity to the police before he strikes again.
Feature Horror For sale 101pp
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Scarlet Seas by J.C. Young
Father and daughter hunters pursue a fugitive vampire to the New World; her blood-thirst unleashed when pirates plunder the ship ferrying her coffin.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror For sale 107pp
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Jackrabbit by Darren Seeley
A taxi driver's first day on the job is a paradox. But at least he's on time.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 12pp
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A Cool Million by R. J. Cardullo
Through the pathetic inability of its protagonist, Lemuel Pitkin, to achieve material success or otherwise meet society’s standards, "A Cool Million" darkly satirizes the myth of the American dream.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 112pp
Guns, Guts, & Gucci by D.C. Copeland
A top secret government agency assists a “mature” man in getting a job based on his merits despite his age. With commentary by Rod Serling.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy For sale 17pp
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How To Snatch A Crown by Dan Hass
A mangy band of drag queens plot the ultimate revenge fantasy -- infiltrating the ball of the season to tear down the evil queen who stepped on their tucks on her way to the top.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 104pp
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The Walking Dealbreaker by Adrienne Thorne
A socially-clueless 20-something dairy cattle breeder learns that her remaining years of fertility are limited and sets out to find the perfect man through online dating.
Short Comedy, Romance For sale 11pp
Passwords by Paul Knauer
A young video-gamer's session is interrupted by a particularly aggressive online opponent.
Short Horror Available for Free 5pp
Apocalypse Z Episode 7 Trust by Marvin Rawlins
Another dead end saps the hope of the group still searching to settle roots.
Episode Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 51pp
Plastered by Bethan Dee
A student wakes up in the middle of a field, with no clue as to how he got there, as well as a pounding headache, and a phone barely clinging to life.
Short Mystery For sale 12pp
From Brooklyn With Love by Robert Sacchi
Two adult sisters see themselves as the women characters in an action/adventure movie.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy For sale 82pp
A Perfect Moment by Peter Gartner
Can a bunch of drunks help beautiful Nicola make the right decision ?
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 74pp
Power Cut by Fiona Faith Ross
When she crashes her car at night in an isolated forest, a feisty young woman wants to be towed out pronto, but a creepy stranger won't let her seek help.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
EVE by Stephen Reynolds
Danielle's bum heart gets an upgrade. But with great power comes great responsibility.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 4pp
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Unmatched by Arthur Tiersky
Two friends run a business of breaking up couples for hire, but when one of them falls in love and dissolves the company, the other pulls out every trick to try to break them up.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 113pp
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You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to by Leo Lowenthal
She is young, beautiful and rich, and has two Master's degrees. If only she could figure out what or who she wants when she grows up.
Feature Romance For sale 94pp