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You Can Now Become a Rockstar Member Directly on Script Revolution


Script Revolution is now a little over three and a half years old and holds a database of nearly 7,000 scripts by over 6,000 writers. Month on month, thousands of scripts are downloaded. We are seeing success stories too as screenwriters option and sell scripts of all types from shorts to features. What started as a small community is growing into a significant industry movement as more and more people jump at the opportunity to host their scripts for free and make the most of being able to search through material without having to be part of an exclusive clique - CJ 

Script Revolution is, without a doubt, helping writers and industry members of all creeds connect from all over the world and empower one another.

Of course, providing this service isn’t easy and isn’t cheap. Script Revolution is effectively a one man band. It’s just me, CJ Walley, doing everything from the server technicalities, to the coding, to the graphics, to the marketing with the Shootin’ the Shorts team working within their own space. Script Revolution is a significant part of my life and, due to it being global, something I’m dealing with 24/7. There is also the issue of spreading the word. Word of mouth is powerful but, when most publications within the industry are refusing to acknowledge you exist and “competing” sites are blocking any mention of what you are doing, it’s an uphill struggle that demands resourceful advertising.

In July 2017, after numerous writers contacted me saying they wanted to support what I’m doing, I set up a Patreon account so people could pledge a small regular amount. I set this as $5 a month and, in exchange, those writers got Rockstar status on the site. This began as a simple acknowledgement but has since grown into a number of benefits additional to what Script Revolution offers for free. I’m pleased to say that it’s proven to serve the site well over the past three years, providing essential funds to keep it running.

However, while Patreon was a fantastic way to quickly implement a funding system, and a validated platform to process payments before I’d had a chance to prove my dedication, it is less than perfect, taking a significant part of that revenue in fees and consuming a lot of time as I have to manually upgrade and downgrade accounts by keeping tabs of all transactions. It also requires Script Revolution members to effectively register a second account on another site to upgrade their membership. That’s not ideal.

I’m pleased to say that, after a lot of work, I’ve managed to implement a subscription and payment processing system directly into Script Revolution allowing writers to easily become Rockstar Members with immediate effect. I’ve also extended the subscriptions on offer to either $5 per month or $50 per year, the latter effectively giving people two months free. You simply add the subscription to your cart, enter your payment details, and that’s it. You can then access your subscription status from your profile page where you can print out your invoice or cancel your renewal at any time. Everything is securely processed via Stripe with no card details held on Script Revolution.

Now, current Patreon supporters need not worry. That system is still supported and I certainly have no issue with anyone preferring to use that as we go forward. For you, everything will work as it always has but you are more than welcome to end your pledge there and sign up via the site if that suits you better.

Why am I implementing this now during a global pandemic where unemployment is skyrocketing and money is tight? Well, partly for that reason. This allows writers to upgrade their membership for a lower cost if they commit to a year upfront and means more of the funds go to where they are intended. However, there’s another key reason. With so much downtime in the industry right now, I’m seeing the profile of industry members registering on the site to rising dramatically as those usually producing movies are now searching for new material. I want to make it as easy as possible for people to jump on this opportunity.

As for the benefits of becoming a Rockstar Member, here they are as they stand today;

  • Rockstar status mentioned next to your script listings.
  • A shoutout in the monthly newsletter with link to your profile.
  • Credited Rockstar status on the Script Revolution web site.
  • Ability to access your statistics page.
  • Eligibility for your scripts to be randomly chosen as Script Of The Day.
  • Eligibility for your scripts to appear on the front page (subject to poster quality and user favourites).
  • Priority listing for any of your scripts that make it into the Featured Scripts Section.
  • All your script listings included in the Rockstar Scripts Hot List.
  • Access to polls regarding Script Revolution development decisions.
  • Updates on what's happening behind the scenes.
  • VIP invites to FREE seminars with industry members.
  • 10% off all Script Revolution merchandise.

But please remember. I’m always trying to bring in new features as much as I can to help screenwriters kickstart careers and filmmakers find great scripts.

A huge thank you to those who support Script Revolution and I look forward to our community getting stronger and stronger.

To learn more and upgrade your account, please visit the Become a Script Revolution Rockstar page.

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