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The film premiere of Hollywood predicted 'blockbuster,' "93" is to be deferred by at least six weeks, due to the recent mass shooting at Uvalde School in Texas. You may be wondering, 93? What the hell is that all about?!

Well "93" refers to the number of mass shootings that occur in America in the year 2028. The film premise sees 'the hero.' played by Liam Neeson, on a slow downward trajectory as his life spirals out of control - his wife leaves him, he flips at work and loses his job as a result, and basically has a mental breakdown. He is a gun nut and takes much of his frustration out at his local gun club, but this is not enough and he starts considering going out in a blaze of glory.

In parallel, we have a rogue president (a virtual clone of Donald Trump) whose second term is under threat by some righteous leftie and he is determined to undermine his campaign by the use of fake news, misinformation and manipulating the world's most popular social media platform, that he happens to own.

The year is 2028 and algorithms and high tech software combined with AI have started to make it possible to ID 'mass shooters' before they commit their crimes. Trouble is, until they actually commit mass murder, they are invariably innocent of any serious crime and the law doesn't yet permit their trial and incarceration for a crime that they might or might not commit. So they are quietly and secretly eliminated by a covert government agency, all  with the prior approval of our 'rogue president.'

Now this is where it gets interesting. President Macleod (Trump's mother's maiden name was Macleod - a coincidence?) is not having any success in reducing his presidential rival's popularity so decides he must be eliminated, permanently!

The Liam Neeson character is about to be eliminated himself as being  the next likely candidate to commit a mass shooting. But instead, President Macleod wants him picked up and brainwashed, manipulated and turned into a mass shooter who can be switched on at the right moment.

That moment is a rally to be attended by presidential hopeful and rival to President Macleod. At this point the Liam Neeson character is 'switched on' ready to carry out a mass shooting at the rally, where a number of citizens will become 'collateral damage' (murdered; shot to death) in President Macleod's determination to see his rival dead.

And that's as much as I know about the plot. I expect the Liam Neeson character will come good in the end and President Macleod will be the one that dies, but that's my own prediction of the finale, given that being a formulaic Hollywood blockbuster, it's likely to have a positive ending.

You may think the plot rather far fetched in its inception, but the reality is, that the CIA had planned a similar fate for Julian Assange on the streets of London, England, where some supposed Islamic terrorist would knife to death a number of individuals and Assange would just happen to be there; in the wrong place at the wrong time, whereas in reality he would have been in the right place at the right time as far as the USA/CIA were concerned. Thankfully that plan was decided as too radical.