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How a Script Idea Came to me

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How a Script Idea Came to me

I don't know how to Blog on the site having no access to any Blog buttons, however this story just in from my trip to gas up the Suburban at SAM's Club:


As I pulled away from the SAM's Club gas pumps and made the obligatory hard turn around to get back to the exit road, I had to wait. Two cars incoming from the left. Right is all clear. As the two passed in front of me I started my forward roll to turn left, when the tiny red sportster surprised me from the right, seemingly coming out of nowhere. Rolling forward so slowly made stopping quick a breeze. I hardly moved 2 or 3 inches and I did not even cross the threshold of the intersection. But my eye caught the man. His eyes locked on mine, hatred piercing right through my tempered glass windshield. I swear I saw anamorphic flare as he passed. His head as if on a radar swivel, kept locked on mine until his neck screamed out to him, enough! 180 is not possible. I made my turn in behind him and with a shudder decided to put on my elderly sunglasses. No I am not elderly, but you know those big wraparound sunglasses that can actually cover a pair of regular glasses. Being told many years ago, that the eyes are the windows to my soul, I always keep them handy in case I need soul protection. This time they just made me feel safer. We both arrived at the red-light T intersection a mere 100 yards down the street, and I caught a glimpse of his license plate. What it said was not registering since he quickly turned right on red and with no traffic coming, I did the same. Now following behind him I had the weird sense that he was connecting with me, somehow aware that I in my big Suburban could swallow him up like a guppy. I stayed with him when I finally saw what his customized license tag said. “FAKEPRES”. Oh wow. My mind is now racing. I was not expecting that.  I know the type. I was one of the type. But not like this. Not extreme. Was he just angry at the whole world or was he a warrior playing his tiny role in the Left-Right political scene of the day, trying to get the word out. Definitely a good idea to don the soul protection.

My mind begins to wander.  I think – this would somehow make a great mini film. Kind of like an “Indy Short Film”. But was happens from here? how does the plot unfold. How would I script this out? Am I suddenly the protagonist of my own production? This could be fun. Its interesting how small insignificant life events can lead to script ideas.

Stay tuned, the script version to follow.  


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Hi, how do you define "an Indie Short Film?"

I believe Indie is a newbie, like me, but how short is short in terms of pages or film time? and are the chances of it being turned into a movie of some sort compared with a feature film?