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After a forensic pathologist suspects he's performed an autopsy on himself, he goes on a quest to find out who killed him and where the body came from.

Patrick is a forensic pathologist, and he's going through a tough time. Expensive custody battles, heartbreak from divorce and self medicating with alcohol.

A routine autopsy offers a conundrum: Patrick has seemingly performed an autopsy on himself. Impossible, yet this man of detail and science has no rational explanation.

Inside the corpse: A key.

Tracing its origins leads to a mystery that involves the Triads, a seemingly fragile woman who claims she's from the future and a plot to eradicate the entire population of the United States of America.

Submitted: July 20, 2019
Last Updated: July 20, 2019

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The Writer: Branko Maksic

I am an Australian screenwriter born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I have had a love for film since childhood, which has driven my passion for writing. Some screenwriters who have inspired and influenced my work include: Shane Black, Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russel, Robert Towne, David Lynch, Chan-wook Park and S. Craig Zahler. I have written many varieties of stories, with my focus over the past several years being on creating screenplays. Most of my screenplays include contemporary science fiction scenarios, and I feel all of my scripts contain striking visuals with witty dialouge throughout. Go to bio

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