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A Mórrigan in the Modern World

On an arid and desolate highway, a vigorous pagan priestess and her gun-for-hire husband stumble upon a car wreck with a dead driver and twin baby survivors who are not what they seem to be.



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“The Mórrigan in the Modern World” by eric.garingalao@gmail.com
Genre: Thriller/Horror with a strong female lead


1993. In a ditch, a fatal car wreck is being prowled by coyotes and vultures. They are drawn by the sound of babies crying. Along the highway comes a Harley Davidson where the vigorous red-haired LYDIA ((mid 30's) is clinging behind her husband, the slender and sturdy DUANE (mid 40's.) She is a self-proclaimed pagan priestess who believes that she is the "Morrigan", a Celtic goddess of war, fate and prophecy. He is a musician who runs a gun for hire business. They are about to meet with Lydia's siblings STACEY and ZERO and their partners, JOHNNY and NANCY to carry a "hit" for a long-time client when they stumble upon the site of the accident. The driver is dead with a bullet wound and in the back are twin babies belted to their car seats.

After rescuing the babies, Lydia believes they are the Divine Twins, youthful gods of healing and that they are bestowed upon her for a reason. She names them Raven and Wind. Duane, on the other hand, wants to stay out of trouble and leave the twins in a parking lot. After an argument, Duane gives in to Lydia's wishes to adopt the babies.

Investigating the accident are Ranger STEVENS (early 30'), an applicant for a detective position at the Homicide Department and his reviewer, assessor and erstwhile mentor Detective SHEPHERD (50's.) Their investigation is more of an evaluation of Stevens' application and therefore is constricted in terms of aide and support.

As Lydia's life revolves around mourning the loss of a son, murder contracts, charm rituals, sludge music and family, she discovers something unique and strange about the twins. With the help of Nancy and Stacey, she finds out that the babies have exactly the same birthmarks, moles, navel cuts and thumb prints; deducing a theory that they are more than just twins.

Unbeknownst to all, there is an enigmatic and well connected third party who wants the twins back, their rightful owner, a man only known as THE CHAIRMAN (60's.) He heads a research facility obscured by the rough desert terrain and employs the services of ABNER and BOAZ (20'), another set of twins with apathetic ways of handling things including the use of ethnic blades and high caliber pistols.

In an attempt to make a drastic change in their lives, Lydia and Duane decide to drive south to Patagonia with Raven and Wind for a renewed life. Without their knowledge they are being trailed by the tandem of Abner and Boaz and Stevens and Shepherd, both for different reasons.

The search leads Abner and Boaz to brutally kill the startled Zero, Stacey, Johnny and Nancy who have no idea what's happening. Meanwhile, Stevens and Shepherd struggle to cope up with the investigation even with the aid of new technologies called "the internet” and “mobile phones.”

After a desert pursuit with all parties involved, Lydia and Duane are mysteriously stopped by the authorities of a small community under the payroll of the Chairman. They are led to the facility where they find out that the twins Raven and Wind are CLONES who are part of the Chairman's confidential project. Lydia uncovers a discipline that will refute her beliefs, belie her principles and contradicts everything that she stands for, science. The Chairman offers the couple a chance to be free with all charges acquitted if they willingly volunteer to be a part of the research. Lydia and Duane agree but the deal ends up with a treacherous move by the Chairman. He only needs one subject, a female, and he is not about to risk divulging his secrets by letting anybody go. Duane is shot by Boaz and Lydia gets locked up with her dead husband.

Gathering herself and executing a unique plan, she escapes by killing Boaz and Abner in a very deceitful manner. In the process of taking their weapons, she discovers that they have the same birthmarks as Raven and Wind. She heads to the nursery for answers and finds out that they all come from the same DNA strand, only in different stages of life. Lost and agitated, she ends up being chased by three more armed CLONES who are out to kill her. A gunfight ensues.

Lydia is caught in the crossfire of love lost, shocking revelations and a dire predicament where getting out unscathed is impossible. It leads to a point where she must embrace and practice the true spirit of the "the Morrigan" to fight, let alone survive. Alone with nowhere to go, she conducts a ritual to strengthen her inner mind and her fighting soul. She goes on a rampage and sets the facility on fire by initiating a gas leak killing everybody including herself and the Chairman.

Stevens and Shepherd's investigation is whitewashed by corruption and they never catch up with Lydia and Duane but their findings shed light to the grim and implausible details that occurred.

We end with a TATTOO ARTIST covering the reddish patch of skin on an old man with a design. His art entirely covers a BIRTHMARK that is obviously similar to the clones. When the old man turns sideways, he is the Chairman.


Submitted: July 24, 2020
Last Updated: August 2, 2020

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