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The literary characters of an unpublished fantasy story of our time become the target of a timetraveller of the 4th millenium.

Lisa (a writer) and Alwin Richard (a teacher) – a middle-aged American couple – are spending their holiday in Hawaii, when Lisa gets obsessed by the fantasy-story she has written. Her literary characters seem to be alive somehow and seem to call her – they need help. Therefore she persuades her husband to interrupt their holiday to fly to Scotland. Alwin, concerned about the mental health of his wife, accompanies her grudgingly. On a train ride on the west-highway route they get to know a very obliging entrepreneur, Mac Futuroy, who invites them to his estate, House Swansteen. In this noble house, a sweet nightmare begins to take pleace. Mac falls in love with Alwin, right after he has imprisoned his new hosts. Finally, Lisa manages to escape, not without the help of one of her animalistic literary characters. Her creatures seem to be very real, indeed. It turns out, that by the mere fact of having created them and having given them names, Lisa's widespread fantasy has created sub-atomic particals, that would have the potential to cause a revolution in the future. Literally, planet earth would be saved from the devastating plans of a leading minority.
We get to know later on in the story, that Mac Futuroy is a highly skilled diplomat, coming exactly from this uneasy future. He has the mission to track down these sub-atomic particals to destroy them. In his time mankind would have discovered a new planet where living would be possible for a priviledged minority. To serve the plans of this minority, planet earth would be exploited ruthlessly. Nevertheless, the tiny sub-atomic particals would have grown up to prevent this plan.
For that reason, the most of them are captured by Mac Futuroy inside a cloud of electro-smog right above the Highlands to get annihilated there. Only the animalistic sub-atomatic particals have managed to escape their cloudy prison so far. The rest of the group has to wait until the border approaches them (the Bog of Banality – might work as backstop–, the wall of A Thousand Unchallenged Convictions and the city of the Never-Seen-Ever-Present-Ogre-of-Bottomless-Greed) to face some real challenge then. With the bird-message-sparrow Posi, Lisa finally enters the cloudy realm and helps the rest of her literary characters to escape. Lisa is not just a woman, she is also a half-goddes and has the capability to transform herself into an owl. That is the reason why, Lisa Richard, actually, is the one who saves planet earth for future generations.

Submitted: February 23, 2019
Last Updated: March 25, 2019

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The Writer: ghila pan

Although born in Austria, the only place I really call home is the Secret Love that lives inside my heart. This place is a kingdom in itself, although invisible. Call me a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew - I am all of it and nothing at all, because I believe, there is a living God inside everyone of us. So my only church is an open heart, I am not very familiar with worshipping nationalities, labels or class systems. I have been working professionally as a physiotherapist for more than twenty years and furthermore have been singing my songs. I wrote four books, a script, shortstories and poems. As a musician I am singing my stories, as a writer I do the same. I would like to... Go to bio