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Across the Veil

Betrothed, two royals court each other between two different worlds. When a mutual enemy threatens the princess’ life, her beloved will have to tread carefully so as not to set off an all-out war.



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“Across the Veil” is a “Grimm" (tv series)” meets “The Witcher" story about two different races of magical people, the Solanai and Seelie, forging an alliance with a marriage between the young Seelie Princess, Aislynn and the Solanai Prince, Nylas. Trapped in ancient time, the Seelie have stayed behind to keep the veil that protects the source of magic from out of the hands of magical monsters in the disguise of humans, Red Caps, walking in today’s New York City. The Solanai have worked hard over the thousand years or so keeping the Red Caps in check in the present day, but the upcoming alliance has threatened the possibility of ever reaching their prized magical source. As time passes differently for the Seelie people, each week Nylas travels through the veil between their worlds to see the young Aislynn, she has grown a year. Gradually a friendship grows to something more between the couple, though it has given the Red Caps the time they need to execute their plan, poisoning the princess to stop the alliance from ever occurring. To find a cure for his princess and to keep a war from breaking out across multiple realms, Nylas races against time itself, cutting down anyone and anything that crosses his path.

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Best Fantasy Script - FilmCon
Best Unproduced Script - Lonely Wolf International Film Festival
Finalist - Festigious
Award Nominated - Austin Revolution Film Festival (waiting on results)

Once Upon A Contract
Submitted: December 27, 2021
Last Updated: February 28, 2022

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The Writer: Alainna MacPherson

Alainna MacPherson is an author of adult, young adult and children's fiction as well as a screenwriter. She specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, romance and dystopian genres. Her scripts have won awards and placed high in festivals and competitions around the country. She lives with her husband and three children on their small farm in Washington. Between diapers and catching the bus, she's writing down the demons because they hate living in her head. Go to bio

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