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After Lives

Getting killed and stuck on Earth wasn’t enough, Herón discovers two best friends fell for him, his death breaking them apart, so he struggles to set things right believing it’s his ticket out of purgatory.



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After Lives is a 1 hour, serialized drama sprinkled with bits of humor and twists the love triangle trope: a young man has two different women fall for him, only to be killed in a freak accident with both present. Both were good friends, but his death and jealousy breaks them apart. His spirit unable to move on, he believes the reason is to repair the rift. He sees their struggles starting out in life and how friends misunderstood the real him. Another twist: He discovers one of them is bisexual. While developing a romantic interest in him, she can’t turn off deep feelings for her friend, both now lost. Whom he would have chosen becomes more difficult the more he learns. It explores the themes of life, death, forgiveness and identity.

The Good Place (NBC)- Instead of going to heaven or hell, Herón’s stuck in an earthly purgatory with zero guidance.
Dead Like Me (Showtime)- The dead dealing with how their deaths affect the living and how those they knew change.
Ghost- Seeking closure before moving on.

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Submitted: July 31, 2021
Last Updated: December 27, 2021

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The Writer: David C. Velasco

Getting older since birth, David decided to get busy writing, a passion developed as a teenager. Years of having characters dance around his head became unbearable, writing LIKE A DRUG (formerly titled THE LOFTS) and his first sci-fi FUTURECAST. David grew up in the deserts of New Mexico. After a stint in the US Navy and graduating college, lived in Kansas and California for a few years each. He and his wife spent twelve wonderful years in Springfield, MO where much of his inspiration comes from, and began serious writing. A short story –Fortunate Son, published online at narroratorINTERNATIONAL– received Editor’s Pick. The ever present desire to create and entertain, he continues other... Go to bio

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