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Angel Off

A fallen Angel struggles to keep a promise to his deceased earthly love, to care for their child in the hood.



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Heaven doesn’t produce deadbeat dads! Gathan has fallen from God’s grace, but he will do what it takes to keep his promise to his dying love. HELL will not have their son! Charged as guardian angel over a beautiful, young, earth female. He reveals himself to her and ends up falling in love and thus falling from grace.

She perishes giving birth to their son. (Angel Off-spring). Gathan leaves the child on the doorstep of its earthly, bible-believing grandparents, in the hood and sets out to create a suitable environment for his child to grow up and be nurtured in. He continues to watch over his son while using his wits and brawn to convert, combat, and subdue the city’s dubious characters; letting them know to “Do better, before it’s too late.” He quickly makes his present felt in the city limits and things begin to look brighter until he encounters the region’s other fallen beings. Much older (although they all look younger) and much stronger than he, they try to convince him that he is on the wrong side of the battle, God doesn’t care about what he’s doing, and his son will ultimately end up on their side. He struggles to deal with the thought that he may not be able to finish what he started. He sinks into an earthly depression until he comes to the realization that everything that looks bad, is not as bad as it looks. He gets help from an unlikely source and rises to challenge his foes and to finish his mission.

Submitted: May 29, 2020
Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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The Writer: Adolpho Phillips

Faith & comedy infused writing pro. Not like Sarah, you will laugh & believe! I have written and acted in several stage plays and comedic skits. I have a few screenplays in the works. Go to bio