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Are You Looking After Yourself?

After feeling his wife has checked out mentally, a young father bonds with a widower in his neighborhood over a shared sense of loss.



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Submitted: October 15, 2020
Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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The Writer: Ben Clifford

Who am I? What Am I? Why Am I? I'm a mid-twenties (...27) Australian writer who primarily writes absurd, surrealistic comedies or dramas, both of which are crowd-pleasing genres. I write features, shorts, pilots (half-hour/full hour/streaming) or short stories and novellas. I'm try to set them in the part of the world I come from (Queensland, Australia - I'd be one of the first). I have a full-time educated day job as a social worker and I've had two produced shorts to my name (they ain't great). I'd like to break into directing before I get too old -- any film people in South East Queensland wanna meet up with this awkward dude and show me the ropes? I learn quickly. I am proudly inspired... Go to bio

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