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Back Country



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A small town sheriff struggles to close in on a child killer following the abduction of a young girl, while a well known community members aids in the search to keep his murderous secret safe.

David is a young man living in a small-Midwestern town. The community is close knit and everyone is friendly and willing to help out each other. What his neighbors don't know is that David is hiding a terrible secret that he has been fueling by killing strangers for years. When an impulse turns into the murder of a neighbor to satisfy his obsession, the entire town begins the search for the killer while people continue being murdered as the search for a missing girl intensifies.

Submitted: January 1, 2019
Last Updated: January 1, 2019

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The Writer: Hank Kellerman

I am an aspiring screenwriter and director. Unfortunately I have never been formally trained, but have continued to pursue my passion. I have lots of stories to tell and continue to work on scripts when I can. I look forward to discussing your work and to feedback on my own. Go to bio