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A charismatic hustler devises a high-risk scheme to con the Bank of England into moving gold bullion to a place that’s easier to rob – if the New York mob don’t kill him first.



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Adapted from the novel BANGK!

JAMES STACK, CHARLIE ‘HOLLYWOOD’ DAWSON and TONI ‘ZERO’ ZETERIO are small-time bank robbers who have gotten away with two, small-town, bank jobs and not much money.

DCI DEAKINS, overweight and overdue for retirement, just can’t seem to nail them and is in danger of being thrown off the case and put out to grass - a good cop remembered only for failure.

JAMES STACK seeks revenge on his double-crossing partner, VICTOR AVERY, formerly Head of Security at Metro Metals, where three years earlier they had skimmed huge profits from a precious metals scam.
In an outrageous betrayal to save himself, Avery offers Stack up to the Serious Fraud Office. Stack agrees to stay silent about Avery’s involvement to prevent the significant profits from the scam being discovered. He serves two of four years. Avery, on the other hand, becomes head of security at the Bank of England.

Upon his release, James Stack confronts Victor Avery about his share of the profits, secured in a private, double-coded account in Luxembourg. Stack has one part of the code, Avery has the other. Neither knows the others part. Predictably, during the confrontation, Avery brazenly denies any involvement in the precious metals scam. Stack, anticipating that outcome, reveals that he has smart-phone recordings of many of their conversations during the course of the conspiracy. Stack uses these incriminating recordings to blackmail Victor Avery into become his inside man at the Bank of England.

Unfortunately, Stack had left the smart-phone with the recordings hidden in a desk at Metro Metals. If it was still there, he has to find a way to get it back. He manages to charm the current occupier of the desk, a beautiful Canadian called SUMMER PETERSON, into retrieving it for him. They are both mutually attracted and their relationship quickly develops.

A mysterious ally known only as BLACKSTONE, the alias of a well-connected high flyer in the banking world, arrives on the scene with a cryptic phone message − ‘Call this number’. Stack calls and discovers that Victor Avery is indebted to Blackstone as well. More intriguingly, the account is in fact triple coded and Blackstone has the third code. Blackstone makes appearances throughout the story by cell phone, pre-announced each time with the message: ‘Call this number’.

How do you steal gold bullion from the Bank of England?
James Stack comes to the obvious conclusion that the gold would be easier to steal if it wasn’t in the vaults, and devises a brilliant con to get the bank itself to move the bullion to a place that would be easier to rob. He does this by taking advantage of the banks Achilles heel – it holds gold not only for the UK, but custodial gold for a long list of foreign countries.

The three bank robbers are unable to pull off such an audacious scheme on their own. They need help and they get more than they bargained for when they invite GERRY CONNERS the boss of the London end of a New York crime syndicate to get involved. The syndicate inevitably take over Stacks brilliant plan.

As Stack notes, “This plan has more wrinkles than a bed-sheet in a bordello”

The scam begins when the bank receives a (fake) communication authenticated by the Italian Embassy in London, via the Albanian Embassy in Rome, from a little known east European rogue state called Braszove. The message warns that several bars in a shipment of bullion from an unidentified country have been hollowed out, filled with radio-active material and an explosive propellant. The consignment has been in place in the vaults for sufficient time that internal trading within the Bank of England has scattered the bars throughout the vaults. They have twenty-four hours to find them. The UK gold is unaffected.

During an urgent heads of department meeting at the BoE, Head of Security Victor Avery, playing his unwilling part in the scam, persuades everyone that to mitigate the contamination they should transfer the UK gold onto a barge moored in the middle of the Thames – and ready for the next part of James Stacks audacious plot.

That night the assault takes place. James Stack is forced to join Conners’ armed gang aboard a River Thames tourist boat. As they approach the barge, a noisy firework display is launched as a distraction from the South Bank. With the guards on the barge looking skyward, the gang sweep on board and take the men prisoner.

While Conners’ mob are checking containers to assess their haul, James Stack sneaks over to a container at the stern of the barge. He opens the door and out of the darkness a squad of heavily armed SWAT officers push forward, amongst them is DCI Deakins who Stack had earlier tipped off. After a fierce gun battle, they re-take the barge.

Stack gives DCI Deakins the sim card containing the audio evidence of Victor Avery’s involvement in the Metro Metals scam. Stack and Charlie Dawson head to a private airfield. On the way he receives a ‘Call This Number’ message from Blackstone who wants Stack to undertake other similar work in the future. Stack declines. They take a private jet to the Cayman Islands.

In Luxembourg, with Blackstone’s help, Summer transfers the Metro Metals fund to the Cayman Islands. The revenge on Victor Avery is almost complete. Later that night, in the final dénouement, DCI Deakins arrests Avery at the Bank of England.

The following day, Summer arrives on the Cayman Islands and joins Stack and Charlie in celebrating the successful end to the Bank of England con, which we discover was Stacks real revenge on Avery.
All is perfect on the island paradise when Stack receives an unexpected call on his cell phone. It’s Blackstone with three unwelcome words – ‘Call this number.’

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Submitted: October 22, 2020
Last Updated: October 31, 2021

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The Writer: Mark Wesley

Previously worked in broadcasting including ten years on Radio Luxembourg. Wrote and produced records for EMI, Warner Bros, Private Stock, Casablanca among others. Later, partner in a business film production company. Directed and produced six-part police documentary for ITV. Directed and produced an episode of ‘24 Hours’ documentary for Channel 4. Directed TV commercials, endless marketing films, and five 25 min driver training comedy dramas for London Overground and Crossrail. Writer of thriller novels: BANGK!, FRACK!, Dead City Exit SCREENPLAYS BANGK! Crime Thriller: 113 pages. Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards finalist. LOGLINE A charismatic hustler devises a high-risk scheme... Go to bio

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