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While determined to find her place in the world, Charlotte, a savant girl is held ransom. By using her skills, she devises a clever plan and takes matters into her own hands

Savant girl, Charlotte, is on a mission to become a great chef. Charlotte started her journey into the culinary world as a young child influenced by her mentor, Mai Cheng, also her nanny and surrogate mother. Mai took Charlotte under her wing after Charlotte’s mother died giving birth to her. Mai taught her everything she knows of the culinary world, she saw Charlotte’s potential where her father could not and encouraged her to pursue her dream to become a great chef. Charlotte's Father, well known business tycoon, is adamant she works in his company under his watchful eye. Charlotte decides to pack her bags an escape from her father’s controlling clutches. She flies under the radar and lands up on an island resort where she signs up for a culinary course, not your top-notch culinary course but out of sight from her very influential and well-connected father. Although Charlotte’s father is still not sure where she ran off to, her father’s rival Jianjun Cheong, tracks her down and kidnaps her. Charlotte is held on a ship for ransom. Jianjun’s has two reasons for being on the ship, 1 is to be far away from Gavin Hemsworth (Charlotte’s father) and his many influences and 2 to be out of harm’s way from a contagion he released. Jianjun lost a large part of his empire due to a business deal with Gavin went sour. Jianjun is on a revenge path. On top of releasing a contagion to cripple the American economy where most of Gavin’s investments are, he also kidnaps Charlotte for a bankruptcy ransom to humiliate Gavin and bring him to his knees. Charlotte becomes expendable when Jianjun learns the contagion is successful. Charlotte, however, has made herself indispensable because of her prowess with culinary delights she is able to keep herself alive. She devises a plan to get rid of all in her way. What some might see as autistic nuisance, her extreme mannerisms and analytical behaviour, to her, along with other skills, it is a helping hand not just for her own salvation but the world.

Submitted: May 19, 2020
Last Updated: August 5, 2020

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The Writer: Justine Underhay

The last advise my mother gave me was "grow some balls!" It took awhile to grow a pair. Struggling with dyslexia and severe adhd I've managed to put my stories on paper. From a young age I've entertained neighbours and family, story telling is my passion. When everything around me seemed to fall apart the one thing I could hang onto was writing. PTA- South-Africa Go to bio

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