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Bloody Mary

Two 12 year-old girls perform the Bloody Mary ritual in their Catholic school bathroom, awakening Queen “Bloody” Mary, the daughter of Henry the Eighth and Katherine of Aragon!



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ANE TORRES, 12, Ecuadorian, and JANE HERNANDEZ, 12, Mexican, agree to perform the old urban legend Bloody Mary ritual from their Catholic school bathroom. After they do the chant and open their eyes, Ane notices she can no longer see their reflections in the mirror. Suddenly, a woman with no face and long red hair appears, then violently pushes the girls back against the wall. She whispers to them in Spanish, “Help me”, when the girls run out of the bathroom screaming past students and out of the school. This ghost will haunt them for the next twenty years when- CUT TO 20YRS LATER -
Bloody Mary finally shows Ane, 32, and Jane, 32, her face in a dream, Jane is able to draw a sketch of Mary, and through some research, Ane and Jane conclude that the ghost, Bloody Mary, is the daughter of HENRY THE EIGHTH and KATHERINE OF ARAGON, Queen Mary Tudor, who burned 277 men, woman, and children for heresy when she was queen.
Ane, coincidently is engaged to THOMAS, 40’s, a native of London England. Jane uses this coincidence to convince Thomas and Ane, to get married in England, with the ulterior motive of Jane and Ane visiting Queen Mary’s gravesite, to figure out once and for all what the heck she wants. Thomas also has no idea Ane is pregnant with his child, and isn’t sure she wants to keep it.
Once in England, KATHERINE, 40’s, Thomas’s sister, is skeptical of Ane and Jane, and accuses them of having ulterior motives. Katherine even goes as far as accusing Ane of not loving her brother, and thinks Jane and Ane are lesbians. Katherine forces her way into Ane and Jane’s plans of going to West Minster Abby to visit Queen Mary’s gravesite.
Now at Westminster Abbey, Ane, Jane, and Katherine are led to an old, stone bathroom in the basement of the church, closed to the public, where two candles are lit on opposite sides of an old weathered mirror. After Ane and Jane attempt the truth regarding the ghost of Bloody Mary, and being told they’re insane, Katherine agrees to play along, in doing the ritual in the bathroom. The sounds of wood crackling and the smell of burnt flesh, transports the ladies to...
the year 1553, a grand victorian bedroom, where Ane, Jane, and Katherine lay eyes on a lifeless King Edward the sixth, 15, in bed, surrounded by maids and a young QUEEN ELIZABETH. Ane, Katherine, and Jane see Bloody Mary enter a church, and they follow her, only to have Bloody Mary attack them, but worst, she finds out Ane is with child. After getting beat up, the ladies wake up in present time in their hotel room. After being exposed, Ane is forced to tell Thomas the truth about her being pregnant with his child, and this drives a knife into he and Katherine’s trust for Ane and Jane causing a divide. Thomas accompanies the ladies to East Anglia in search of an old church of worship of Bloody Mary Tudor. Once at the church, they do the ritual and get brought back to 1553, where Jane gives Bloody Mary a drawing of King Edward the sixth, dead, in bed. This information ultimately leads Bloody Mary to the throne. The crew think she should be happy and leave them alone. They're wrong! Bloody Mary uses the distrust of Thomas, to pin him against the crew. Mary wants Ane’s unborn child and Thomas as her husband, and will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants.

Submitted: July 19, 2021
Last Updated: July 20, 2021

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The Writer: Michael Nevarez

My name is Michael Nevarez and I am originally from West Orange New Jersey, but have been living in Los Angeles California, for the past twenty-six years. I have been writing all my life, and am constantly working to get better. I worked for Jeffrey Kramer at CBS for the past fifteen years, where I had the pleasure of being a part of many wonderful scripts in development. I currently have one feature in the works, a bio-pic on Tom Wilson, which can be seen on IMDbPro. Collaboration is one of my favorite activities with other writers and creators. Go to bio