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A stranded time traveler is forced to become his younger self’s imaginary friend to rebuild his broken time machine before his rival erases his identity.



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Dr. Michael Morrison is interviewed by Dr. Cindy Morrison, his wife, before the first trial of his time machine, the Mighty Mouse. Also, before the trial, we meet Dr. Harrison, Michael’s associate, and rival.

With Michael inside, the Mighty Mouse miniaturizes to a subatomic level and finds the manufactured subatomic wormhole meant to take him back to 1992 to meet his childhood self the day he began to seek time travel.

While inside the wormhole, the Mighty Mouse becomes uncontrollable and is damaged as it lands on a farm in Denver Colorado, three days and six states away from his targeted destination. Michael tries to get the attention of the farm’s owner, but the farmer can neither see nor hear Michael. Whenever Michael contacts the farmer, he is painfully shocked.

Michael finds that even though the Mighty Mouse is broken, a disc holding the subatomic wormholes is not. Michael steals the farmer’s truck and decides to drive to D.C. for help and supplies.

On his journey, Michael realizes he’s the invisible man as he steals food, watches movies for free, and does whatever he wants. But Michael begins to realize his plan for rebuilding his time machine and returning home is hopeless since no one knows he exists.

Michael takes a gun from a police station and decides to kill himself, but first travels back to his childhood home to see himself. When he returns home, Michael’s younger self recognizes Michael.

In shock, Michael fabricates a story that he is Young Michael’s imaginary friend. As he’s explaining, two police cars approach the house and Michael realizes that he has confused his memories and that this was the day his father was killed.

Michael tries to escape as Young Michael is being told the situation inside but slips and injures himself. With only Michael there to console him, young Michael hugs Michael and Michael isn’t hurt at all.

Michael stays inside childhood home. as Michael searches around, he sees the family car in the garage and his father’s collection of tools and decides to rebuild his time machine with the help of his younger self.

Submitted: October 29, 2019
Last Updated: June 5, 2020

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The Writer: Ry Graves

I'm currently a young adult author soon to be published by Dreaming Big Publications and am making the switch to writing screenplays. I've recently written and performed the story, Homemade Superman for Story District's annual Surprise Stories show. Besides the screenplay of my dark family dramedy based on my book, Peter, Potter, Slaughter, I have two other feature screenplays and several pilots with female leads. Although my screenplay, Meg's & Donna's & Brandon's So High, is listed as a pilot, the script is easily transferred to a feature or a stage production. I like to mix genres and use strong, human charters. I enjoy writing, writing, and doing headstands. Go to bio
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