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Both Sides Now

When a married couple split up they switch bodies and discover what it's like to walk in each others shoes - On the path to falling in love again.



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Both Sides Now is a 3-part miniseries of hour-long episodes.
It is a Romantic Comedy/Drama telling the story of a relationship that started as love at first sight and has developed into a Marriage that has left them divisive, dispassionate, and resentful.
The main point of the story is to show that the love that exists between 2 people and within a family is worth working on and fighting for, as Glen says in the series:
“Out of the BILLIONS of people in this world there’s only a handful that ever love you, why would we throw that away.”
It tells the story of a married couple (Maggie and Glen) that separate and are going to divorce but their 7-year-old son (William), makes a magical wish in the hope to get them back together. William’s wish is for his parents to switch places so they can mend their broken relationship, which is sweet and heart-breaking given that he was put in the situation to do that.
The concept of the series is about them switching bodies is bizarre but entertaining. It's a refreshing twist on a FREAKY FRIDAY like story that instead focuses on a more serious subject matter that will produce inspiring life lessons.
The couple have a gender flipped power dynamic in their house, Maggie is the breadwinner from a Middle-Class family, whereas Glen is a failed musician from a Working-Class family.
They met when Maggie was a Student at Durham University, one of the elitist in-crowd, she was immediately attracted to Glen who was the grungy lead singer of a local band.
They had a passionate and deeply loving relationship that developed into something serious as she left University but was frowned upon by Maggie’s family, causing her Father to dissuade Glen from ever marrying his daughter.
Glen breaks it off with Maggie before the wedding and they go their separate ways only to be reconnected by fate a few years later, where they realise their love for each other hasn’t dies so they eventually get married and start a family.
Over the years the old problems begin to surface, their routines become set—with little time for each other and they become resentful towards each other and grow apart.
The pilot episode starts with an opening scene that establishes the tone and mood of the remaining story as tension builds in the marriage counsellor’s office. At first their arguments seem to be the standard ones that often arise in a marriage after having a kid, but subtext indicates there are many layers to the history that has led Glen and Maggie here, which we will see through Flashbacks throughout the series. The therapist asks them both the ‘Miracle Question’ and it becomes apparent that they both wish the other was different, more like themselves.
From here we see how they first met – the ‘Love at First Sight’ moment.
This then transitions into a day in the life of the McKellan Family – except this day is special, it’s William’s 7th Birthday.
Their morning routine is filled with stress as Maggie has an important day ahead at work and Glen has to pull William away from his toys.
Glen and Maggie bicker on the way to work and the argument escalates. As Glen drops her off at work they are no longer speaking.
When they go into work, we see that they both have potential love interests at work, that brings up the idea of change.
The workday heightens the tension as Maggie is coerced into working late and missing some of her Son’s Birthday party. This leads to a massive argument where the couple fight and break up – this instigates the Wish from their Son as Glen leaves the marital home.
As he goes back to his Fathers house, we see Flashbacks of Glen and Maggie when they were first together and how that relates to what is happening now.
When Glen arrives at his Dad’s we can see the relationship between them isn’t great and Glen has to face up to his failure as a Husband and Father.
He goes to bed in his old Grungy room and wakes up back in his own bed – but this time he’s in Maggie’s body and she is in his!
The next 2 episodes deal with the situation they find themselves in each other’s bodies and how they can get their own lives back – this requires them to understand each other’s lives and deal with the conflicts that they face.
The story never picks sides, instead we are left to understand where they are both coming from and equally placing blame on both.
The plot builds on emotion and it creates a very intense and anxiety filled journey for the audience. Between the flashbacks and recent memories, it creates a pretty good understanding of when things started falling apart. Not only have Glen and Maggie been drifting apart, but there are enough plot points that build on drama outside of their relationship. Moods, feelings, and goals change which is all part of life's journey, but it is up to the characters and decisions that they make that will prove whether love can be restored. Glen and Maggie's constant fights are realistic and are easy to picture a great performance from those who are casted.
The concept covers many themes on love, marriage, and family. Aside from the all the anger and hostility in this story, there is still a heart-warming element to it.

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Submitted: December 3, 2021
Last Updated: December 10, 2021

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The Writer: Campbell Christie

I have a BA(Hons) in Print Media and went on to study Copywriting and Screenwriting, with a stint at the National Film & Television School. I have written short films for festivals and competitions and creative briefs for the D&AD awards. Finalist in British Short Screenplay Competition (BSSC). My Feature Film Script (Lunar Jetman) made the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival 2020. I have 3 projects I'm currently working on and am represented by ThinkIP. Go to bio
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