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Four friends reflect on their annual tradition of getting their Christmas tree together.



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A timeless message of friendship.
BTS and more material available at the web site for the film:
DVD copies available for $10 (includes postage)
DVD contains Cast & Crew commentary as well as a BTS slideshow set to the score.

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Features Narration by Daniel Stern and a musical score by two-time Emmy winner, Michael Whalen.

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When interviewing Daniel Stern for the narration, received the highest compliment from him: "Loved the script. I thought of it as the lost episode of the 'Wonder Years.' Right in my wheelhouse.

Uplifting timeless message of friendship christmas
Submitted: December 3, 2017
Last Updated: March 17, 2021

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The Writer: Rick Hansberry

Rick Hansberry is an award-winning screenwriter with more than 20 years of industry experience. With several produced credits on his IMDb page, Rick has written, produced and directed several short films. 2017 saw the release of two feature-length movies, "Alienate" and "Evil In Her." 2018 brought the release of another award-winning short film, "My Two O'Clock". In 2019, Rick wrote, produced and directed his first web series pilot, "Clean Slate" and delivered creative and narrative material to an award-winning documentary, "This Is My Home". In 2020, Rick marketed "Bubba Shakes" ,an action feature for the next WWE superstar that turns mainstream and co-written "Oliver's Christmas" with the... Go to bio

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