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Breaking Free

A screenwriter interviews the widow of an aerial photographer killed in an F-16 crash and finds his own values transformed as he falls in love with the widow.



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Breaking Free by Alessandra Brohmer

The true life story of one of America’s greatest aerial photographers, Judson P. Brohmer,
and the accident in an F-16 chase mission that took his life.

The tale unfolds through the eyes of the screenwriter as he follows the family’s history
through interviews with pilots, and the men and women of the US Air Force. His own
transformation begins to take place as he falls in love with the widow while concealing his
own marriage.

Desiring to know Judson deeper, the screenwriter is tormented as his own marriage
crumbles and Judson’s voice from the grave challenges his integrity and morals. Now
suddenly faced with the truth of his careless lifestyle, unable to complete the story he
abandons his research, writing, and the Brohmer family who put their trust in him.

Back in Hollywood he recounts the story to his agent. She is quick to uncover his fears,
and challenge him to face them. Reluctantly he returns to complete the story, ultimately
finding himself, and his hero.

A love story, an adventure, an inspirational look beneath the passion that drives us all,
Breaking Free will capture your heart, and push you to live your dreams.

Based on the book “Breaking Free,” from Thin Air Publishing.

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Platinum Award World Fest Houston

Submitted: June 2, 2021
Last Updated: June 2, 2021

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The Writer: E W Helmick

7 time award winning screenwriter, filmmaker, endurance swimmer and chef - Producer & Director of the award winning film Take Your Dream on Amazon Prime which received ( ) best documentary best inspirational film best editor Australian Continental award among numerous others world wide Helps aspiring writers learn the craft of screenwriting through his online course, Paramount Screenwriting ( ) Principal & author of Movie Reviews at Way Out West Media Entertainment Group ( ) Lover of caviar, black stout and an 1845 Partagas maduro cigar - preferably all at the... Go to bio
Agent: Dora Whitaker
Law Firm: Donaldson and Califf
Lawyer: Michael Donaldson
Manager: Whitaker Entertainment

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