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When a man finds himself mysteriously transplanted into a sealed cage, he yearns to uncover the truth behind his new reality and the gigantic world outside.​



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After a man falls unconscious, he mysteriously awakens within an enclosed cage along with dozens of other captives. Even though the dismal people have lost their memory, common knowledge, and speech capabilities, they speculate on the reality of their captivity and what is beyond the cage.

When the man manages to get a glimpse of the outside world and is hailed as a prophet among the cage-dwellers, it incites religious fervor and violent mob reprisal. But when their cage suddenly empties out atop of a processing conveyor belt, they find themselves all lead to be minced into ground-meat. Along with few others, the man miraculously survives and leads the escapees out of the slaughter-house into a gigantic new world.

There, they soon discover that not only are they are not alone, but the purpose of their existence is their new place at the bottom of the food-chain. ©​

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Academy Nicholl Finalist 2022

Coverfly Red List Top 2%

Screenwriting Staffing Season 4 Finalist

Submitted: September 3, 2022
Last Updated: January 10, 2023

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The Writer: B A Mason

Aspiring award-nominated screenwriter, ex-film student, and a complete cinephile. Screenwriting was an intended terminus to begin with, but having gotten side-tracked on the Transportation side of the sector I'm now here, back on course with the right horse. With several scripts in the bag and several more in progress, I'm more than happy to take time out and contribute to the creative community by helping other Hollywood hopefuls. Go to bio

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