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Call of the Crazy

A psychiatrist is held captive in an asylum until he has freed the spirits hungering for a healing they never found in life.



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DOCTOR MILLICENT PRAGUE (47) runs the old asylum of Mercy Hills. At night she is haunted by the wailing from one of the rooms, where a patient, ANNA (45), has been closed away. Millicent attempts to calm Anna down, but is attacked in the process.

In desperation, Millicent offers DOCTOR HARLAN BEARDSLEY (40) a job at Mercy Hills. Harlan initially declines. He changes his mind when it becomes apparent that Harlan’s marriage to JENNIFER (34) is in trouble and Jennifer packs her belongings and leaves Harlan.

After reviewing Anna’s files, Harlan is intrigued and agrees to spend two weeks at Mercy Hills helping Millicent. Harlan meets and befriends a nurse, ZELDA (67), and is able to learn a bit about the patients and buildings from her. He is informed that Anna is obsessed with an ex patient of the asylum, PETE, and continuously escapes from her room at night, searching for him.

Harlan discovers strange happenings in the old deserted building at the Mercy Hills Asylum. When he discovers a patient naked and shackled in the deserted building, Harlan questions the methods being used. Harlan, disgusted at the way the patients are treated, attempts to leave Mercy
Hills, but Millicent has other plans, and Harlan is kept prisoner.

By treating Anna and searching for answers, Harlan discovers that the old asylum holds the haunting secrets of the past events that took place.

When some of the spirits of long dead patients start attacking Harlan, he learns that he is the grandson of the original owner of the asylum, and that Anna is the result of a rape that took place in the old asylum. Harlan realizes that he and Anna hold the key to helping to free the spirits.

Harlan places Anna under hypnosis, and together they uncover the horrifying truth of Anna’s life as well as Zelda’s and Pete’s, and secrets that bind the spirits to the old asylum. By helping Anna, Harlan sets the spirits free, and helps himself in the process.

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Finalist in Pitch Now Screenplay Competition 2019
Honorable mention in Writesafe 3rd Quarter 2004 contest

Submitted: February 1, 2020
Last Updated: February 1, 2020

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The Writer: Christine Locker

Christine Locker lives in South Africa. My writing partner is Lee Ann Riddle from USA, and we have been writing together since 2003 and finally took the plunge into producing in 2019. We are currently in post-production with our short film "My neighbor Earl" (2020). Progress can be followed on and Facebook. Our short screenplay "6 Equals 9" has been picked up for production by Ron Harris of Stargazersfilmco right here on Script Revolution. Our short screenply"Ghost o'clock" was selected as semi-finalist in New York City International Screenplay awards. Our feature screenplay "... Go to bio

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