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Castrum Pontes

Civil War looms over the Roman Empire. General Maximus becomes the commander of the fort controlling the bridge. But the bridge has long been destroyed and the soldiers are reluctant to abandon the fort.



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Castrum Pontes
The year is 306, known as the “Year of the six emperors”.
Five emperors are fighting for power. The Roman Empire is in
chaos. The Civil War is in sight.
A thousand miles away from Rome on the right bank of the
Danube, Castrum Pontes was built. Its purpose was to defend
the bridge from the Barbarian invasion. The only problem was
that bridge was gone. However, that doesn't bother General
Maximus the commander of the fort, the Centurion who is
preparing for retirement, Legionnaire Marcus son of the
Senator who hates politics and Legionnaire Lucius who is the
brain of all the operations to still defend the bridge from
the Barbarians. At least until the situatuion in Rome settles
down and they could see who will win.
On the other side of the Danube, there is a small
Sarmatian tribe. Their leader Antigonus is trying his best to
complicate the existence of Romans. But his "competence", the
information given by their spy Drusus, and the training of his
warriors are working toward complicating their own lives as
Castrum Pontes is the sitcom placed in a time of great
battles, heroes, immortals, who wrote the history. This is not
a story about them but about ordinary mortals, whose goal is
to survive turbulent times.
It is a well known saying that history is written by the
winners, but every story from the past has another side as
well, the one that winners did not write about.
Main Characters:
Maximus, the commander of the fort. Seen (only the sidelines)
of many battles.
Hortensia, the wife of Maximus. In her thoughts she is always
in Rome.
Centurion, a typical soldier. More muscles than brains.
Marcus, the Centurion's deputy. Son of the patrician. Proof
that beauty and brains usually do not go side by side.
Lucius, fourth man at the fort, but first for his
Publius, a legionnaire. A gambler by nature and a legionnaire
only on paper.
Drusus, Maximus's servant, a spy. Collects information for the
Sarmatians, mostly insignificant.
Antigonus, the chief of the Sarmatians. Living proof why the
Roman empire had lasted for a thousand years, and not a lot
Castrum Pontes
LOGLINE EPISODE ONE: Roman General Maximus comes to begin his
new task, as the commander of Castrum Pontes. Castrum Pontes
is fortress on the right bank of the Danube, next to the
bridge. The only problem is that the bridge collapsed ten
years ago and legionnaires do not want to leave the fortress.
SYNOPSIS EPISODE ONE :The new commander General Maximus
arrives in Castrum Pontes. New task, new experience but also
new hope to rise is the driving force of the new commander.
That would not be a problem if the bridge was not swept away
by a torrent nearly ten years ago.
Everyday life of legionnaires stationed in the fort is
being disrupted. Centurion, Marcus and Lucius are using the
upcoming civil war and the General Maximus's dilemma which
side to choose, in order to dissuade him from returning to
Rome and closing down the fort.
On the other side of the Danube, the Sarmatian tribe is
choosing the new chief. Antigonus, a young tribe leader wins
against his 80 years old predecessor. Antigonus has his own
spy in the enemy ranks. That is Drusus, Maximus's servant. He
learns through him all the unimportant information from the
Warriors have understood long ago that success is rated
by the likes of your enemy. Following that thought, General
Maximus "creates" a terrible enemy from the small Sarmatian
tribe, so that their battle for the defense of Roman empire
can begin.

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