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A tiny cemetery is home to four disparate spirits. Their eternal existence is disrupted when a new arrival appears at the gate and no one is quite sure what tomorrow will bring.

A tiny cemetery, old and thick with shadows. A dozen weathered tombstones, a single small mausoleum. To one side stands a wrought-iron gate, opposite is a slight rise with a single spreading oak tree.

All the world beyond the cemetery is a black void. There exists only this little graveyard.

Home to four disparate spirits. Born each evening with the setting sun, returning to their slumber each morning with the dawn. Their eternal existence is disrupted when a new arrival appears at the gate and no one is quite sure what tomorrow will bring.

Heavy on Twilight Zone influence.

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Length: 18 pages
Five characters
One set

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Industry Feedback
"The script’s strengths are the writing style and voice, the concept and the tone."
"The idea feels very original, and the story works on many levels... great work here."
"The ending is very satisfying and it’s an unforeseen twist that works very well."

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Cemetery Shadows
A tiny cemetery is home to four disparate spirits.
Their eternal existence is disrupted when a new arrival appears at the gate
and no one is quite sure what tomorrow will bring. 

There’s a reason many people loathe the idea of visiting a graveyard after sunset. Our over-active imagination conjures frightening visions of ghouls haunting the hallowed grounds of the dead, because apparently ethereal spirits have nothing better to do than take perverse pleasure in frightening the piss out of their corporeal visitors.

Cemetery Shadows by David R. Beshears imagines just such a scene, minus the spooked human visitors. Indeed, the spirits that haunt this mysterious graveyard are polite, intelligent and friendly. Each evening, as light turns to dark, Major, Derrick, John and Margaret emerge from their macabre slumber to socialize with their fellow apparitions.                       

Good evening, everyone.           

John Saunders nods in response. Mrs. Weatherly continues to drift slowly among the tombstones.

Derrick looks casually about, nods in the direction of Major.


Another pleasant evening, I would say.

Same as every evening, Major.

No less pleasant for that, Mr. Saunders.

Such is the way in this eerie world. The four specters wake for the night, pleasantly socialize together walk about, and then return to their sallow slumber at sunrise. Then wake up at sunset, rinse and repeat. It’s a strange routine that none of them seem to question. Until one night, an enigmatic new spirit materializes without warning, arousing curiosity from the graveyard’s ghostly patrons.

Unlike the other residents of the graveyard community, the newcomer Sara is at odds with her surroundings. Confused and agitated she unsettles the others with her angst.

Waddya think, Major?

Major gives a stern look to Sara.

Miss Keyes? A broken bird, that one.

There’s something odd about her.
 (shaking his head)
Something… different.

And yes, there is indeed something decidedly different with Sara. Despite her disorientation, she knows inside there is a purpose and reason for her appearing at this cryptic home of the dead. But once she eventually realizes her why and wherefore, it’ll have a serious impact on the small ghostly community, changing it forever.

Beshear’s haunting and idiosyncratic story is a unique mix of Twilight Zone meets Satre. For the filmmaker seeking to direct something unusual that will elevate their craft to the next level and challenge them creatively, then this is a scary-good option. It will also be the type of short film that audiences on the festival circuit will find deeply satisfying and unusually poignant.

Check out this screenplay… it would be a grave mistake no to.


Review by Jeremy Storey

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The Writer: David Beshears


Award-winning author and screenwriter of science fiction, fantasy and adventure. David's work has been praised by literary professors and by PhDs in science, by fans and by book reviewers around the world. His miniseries screenplay adaptation of his popular novel "The Shylmahn Migration" won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting competition in 2007.

David lives in Washington State with his wife Sylvia. When not writing, he can usually be found on any one of a dozen northwest mountains.

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