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Century Boy

A disaffected young musician is drawn into the chaotic world of a rising local band but when he discovers their renegade lifestyle is funded by robbing banks, will he chase his rock and roll dream?



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Against the backdrop of the thriving Minneapolis indie rock scene of the 1980’s, Lars, a talented young guitarist, longs to form a creative bond with the right group of musicians. At the same time, there’s a string of small town bank robberies being perpetrated by a crew dressed in matching suits and masks of the Beatles, circa 1964. These robberies have caught the attention of the local FBI field office. The agent in charge is Al Larson, Lars’ father. The story begins when Lars befriends Sonny, the charismatic front man of a local band, the Century Boys. After an electrifying guest performance at a local show, Lars is asked to go on tour with the group. He has found his creative connection, but there’s a catch. While on the road, the band robs banks to fund their musical endeavors. They are the Beatle bank robbers and it’s a full package. To join the band, Lars must join them in the robberies. Lars, desperate to maintain the sense of kinship he feels within the band, agrees. All goes according to plan initially and the band steals enough money to record a fantastic album. But the band’s fortunes change, as a robbery turns bloody and the FBI begins to close in. Lars realizes he’s in way over his head and wants out. But it’s not that easy. Sonny forces Lars into one last bank job by kidnapping his girlfriend. The FBI trails the band to the bank and a violent shootout erupts in the street outside. Lars then chases Sonny through the Minneapolis Skyway for a final showdown, where only one of them will get out alive.

Submitted: February 28, 2021
Last Updated: February 28, 2021

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The Writer: Tom Olson

I got my start writing sketch comedy. I have a love for comedy, and wrote and produced several sketch comedy theater shows. I then turned to my attention to writing short films. I've received several awards, and critical acclaim for some of my past works. I truly enjoy telling all kinds of stories: From comedy to action/thrillers. Recently, I've been collaborating with two other writers, and we've just finished our first screenplay. The more I write, the more I realize how much is left to learn. That's fine by me because I love the process! Go to bio