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Kelly, an avid green tea drinker, Jesus art lover, and yoga student tries to “mend” (control) her makeshift family (comprised of a techie, a plus size model, her autistic-artistic brother, and her perfect sister).

Michael, Alisha, Kelly, Justin and Gabi are all roommates. They share an eclectic house in Austin, Texas.
Michael, a lonely computer tech, is beautiful behind dark hair and glasses. He is secretly in love with Alisha. She is an architecture student who is dating another guy. She has no idea that Michael has feelings for her.
Kelly, Alisha’s sister, is an avid green tea drinker. She consumes tea to “calm her nerves” and try to control her makeshift family. She has not been in an intimate relationship for over ten years because she can’t let go of the memory of her ex. She works as a manager at a local restaurant and sees a therapist once a week.
Justin is autistic. He is the brother of Alisha and Kelly. He works part time as a busser at the restaurant that Kelly manages. He is also an artist, he sketches and paints. Kelly tutors Justin in math, reading and writing. This is Justin’s first time living away from his parents. So, to say the least, Kelly is a bit over-protective. She goes so far as to program the television to the Learning Channels only.
Gabi, a waitress and part time, plus size model, is secretly in love with Michael. She is dealing with some issues of her own because she was abused during her childhood. She recognizes that Kelly is sheltering Justin too much. So, Gabi introduces Justin to Tamara, who is also autistic. Then, nature takes its course.
Think of “The Family Stone” meets “Reality Bites.”
In between coffee breaks and drunken rants, the five of them learn and grow. Then something happens that blind-sides all of them. None of them are prepared.
Michael’s dreams become reality. Alisha prepares for the afterlife. Kelly stops trying to escape by reading books like “How to Transport Yourself to an Alternate Reality.” Justin meets his first love only to find himself heartbroken. And, Gabi finally gets the much needed help she needs in order to be able to move on with her life.

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The Writer: Tracy Simpson

Tracy Simpson – Screenwriter/Children’s Book Author and Illustrator/Poet CURRENT PROJECT I am currently adapting an e-book into a screenplay. The title of the e-book is “THE LASANDRALAND SAGA: Episode One – MYSTEE MAGIC” by Taylor Starwave. PUBLISHED WORKS “LUMINARIES” – Children’s Book with Cover Art and Illustrations (Outskirts Press Spring 2016) "FUSION" - Book of Poetry with Cover Art (Xlibris Winter 2009) SCREENPLAYS “Coffee Breaks” - Screenplay “The Song of the Stars” – Screenplay AWARDS Purple Dragonfly Award – “Luminaries” - Story Monsters Ink Magazine 2017 Winners Circle Spotlight – Institute for Writers... Go to bio